In case you missed the announcement on my Instagram… I’m running the 2018 Virgin London Marathon! I can’t quite believe it – this is a race I’ve had my heart set on for years now, entering the ballot a grand total (I think) of 7 times! I decided this year… View Post

When I told my workmates I was going away for a weekend to do a relay race I’m pretty sure they were all picturing an old-school sports day vibe – a low key lap round the track, maybe two. But how else could you sum up the madness that me… View Post

At the start of the year I was invited to join a press and celebrity team at Cancer Research’s The Great Row event, where we would row a marathon on a Concept2 erg as a team of six (read more about it on Sophie and Patricia’s fabulous blogs!). After a… View Post

This post may seem out of place. I haven’t blogged for months and a lot has changed since I last put words on this little website of mine. I’m not quite comfortable going into everything that’s happened so publicly, and I’ll always keep certain elements to myself, but I want to… View Post

We all know the feeling of a really hard WOD, but have you ever stopped to think about what goes through your head when you’re in the thick of it? I bet we all have pretty similar though processes when we’re working out – whether it’s about what we’re going… View Post