A Marriage Proposal, 50 Metre Sprint and Lots and Lots of Colour… adidas #boostlondon

A Marriage Proposal, 50 Metre Sprint and Lots and Lots of Colour… adidas #boostlondon
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“I wanna marry those girls” shouted one London pedestrian as the five of us sprinted past. You can’t blame him, we did look particularly awesome in our head-to-toe three stripe brights!

Let me explain exactly how we came to draw so much attention during our run through the streets of London last night. It all started when the lovely people of adidas decided to conjure up a race with four teams starting from four London boroughs and finishing in one single secret destination.

Back to the Start

Meeting at adidas HQ in Covent Garden, we were handed our team kit and started to prepare for the challenge ahead. We had no idea what was ahead of us, all we knew was that we would be running in fantastic loud and proud kit from adidas and some super spongy adidas boost trainers.

Once suited and booted we set off in taxis to our four starting locations. Camden, Peckham, Ladbroke Grove and Hackney. I was in Team Camden with Charlotte and Emma of Lunges and Lycra, Carly from the Rinse FM Breakfast Club show, and our team leader, Michelle.

Bright and Ready To Go!

Bright and Ready To Go!

boost Trainers Take On Jazz

Once at our starting location, the Roundhouse in Camden Michelle coordinated start times with the other team leaders and we opened our first golden envelope… first location: the Jazz Café.

We set off down the busy Camden streets, trying to avoid knocking over small children on our way. I’d never tried adidas boost trainers before and was amazed at how light and springy they were to run in, it really helped with the constant changing of direction from weaving between pedestrians. Once at the Jazz Café we took our group photo and shared it on Twitter to prove we were there. On to the second envelope…

Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands

Lighting Up Primrose Hill

Our next location was Primrose Hill. I’ve missed out on London running in the past, living outside of the city, so hadn’t heard of this dreaded hill, but the look on Charlotte’s face when she heard we had to run to the top was enough – I knew. This would be one bugger of a hill.

Off we ran, navigating the route to Regent’s Park, leggings and jackets keeping us clearly visible in the dark streets. When we reached the park I saw the street lights curving up and up and only then did I realise the magnitude of this 256ft hill. As the top of the hill got closer, the incline grew steeper, but soon enough we were there, at the top of the hill looking down on the London skyline below.

Primrose Hill

Team photo taken, our jackets lighting up with a gorgeous grid pattern in the flash, we opened our next envelope and tore down the hill.

A Long 50 Metres

Next up was 1 Marylebone. We ran strong, keeping a good pace and turning heads as we went. Michelle had hinted that there might be a small challenge halfway round this leg of our journey, and as we ran round the Outer Circle of Regent’s Park we spotted the #boostlondon marker indicating the start of a 50 metre sprint. One by one we sprinted down the straight, our times recorded for a side line prize to the race.

Posing for a team photo on the steps of 1 Marylebone we began to think again of the race…could we win? Opening our fourth and final envelope we saw our final destination – London’s famous Carnaby Street.

Time For a Little Stretch!

Time For a Little Stretch!

The Finish Line

Now closer to the bustling streets of Soho we had to weave even more to avoid oncoming pedestrians. Crossing the road at Oxford Street and hurtling our way down Argyll Street we started to think we may just have done this… and as we turned the corner off Carnaby Street to the finish line we were sure we’d won. Until… looking in the windows of Joe and the Juice we saw Team Peckham already tucking in to smoothies and sandwiches. Damn!

The Team Camden Kit

 The one and only Studio Power Tights were by far the most stand-out piece of our kit. I’ve had my eye on these ever since those shots with Jessica Ennis were published, and I can vouch for their fit and comfort! You can get them here.Studio Power Tights

The Sequentials Fitted Tank was comfortable and light, with cooling fabric that wicks away sweat. Some tanks can be a little baggy, but this is nicely streamlined for a flattering fit. It’s available here.

Sequentials Fitted Tank

The Supernova Racer Bra is available in loads of different colours, but the orange of this one complemented our kit perfectly. Very supportive, and with a little extra boost of its own, this bra was really comfortable and flattering. You can find it here.

Supernova Racer Bra

The Smarter Jacket was perfect to keep a slight chill away, but not too hot for our speedy session, so would be perfect for early spring. We wore purple, but there’s a blue version here.

Smarter Jacket

The Energy Boost 2 trainers feature adidas’ innovative boost technology, returning energy enlessly to the foot. You really can feel the difference just putting them on, let alone running in them. This colourway is really standout, but there are loads of others.

Energy Boost 2 Shoes 

Team Follow!

To find out more about the other teams, and to see their version of events and kit roundups, you can head to their Twitter pages below.

Team Camden





Team Camden enjoying a sweaty post-race drink

Team Camden enjoying a sweaty post-race drink

Team Peckham






Team Peckham shining bright at one of their locations

Team Peckham shining bright at one of their locations

Team Hackney



@speedybecsrun / @thestyledynamo

@sportstylist / @rhalou


Team Hackney looking icy cool in their silver and blue

Team Hackney looking icy cool in their silver and blue

Team Ladbroke Grove





Team Ladbroke Grove with some of the best team photos

Team Ladbroke Grove with some of the best team photos

Thanks adidas for putting on such a fantastic evening, and letting me be a part of it! And thanks so much for my gorgeous Team Camden kit 🙂

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley


  1. 8th March 2014 / 5:23 am

    What an awesome adventure! I wish adidas would come to my city and ask me to do something like that!

    • fitcetera
      11th March 2014 / 5:35 pm

      It was really fun! Where are you based? You never know, they might do!

  2. 11th March 2014 / 7:31 pm

    I’m in San Antonio, Texas. I might just need to inquire with Adidas about their future locations!

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