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The spectacular, the fantabulous… Goddess III

The spectacular, the fantabulous… Goddess III
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Roll up roll up! Ladies let me introduce to you the spectacular, the fantabulous, the downright champion-of-the-world gym bag… the Goddess III. With more bells and whistles than a Morris Dancer, this bag is the ultimate in organisation.

I first found out about Workplay Bags through the delights of Twitter, and from day one I knew I wanted one. Their bags seemed to have it all, plenty of space for all the things you need for a trip to the gym or your after-work run, cleverly segregated compartments, and even separate drawstring bags that fit neatly into the separate sections. But, having just splashed out on a new gym bag I had to refrain. Until…

Lucky Winner!

Fellow blogger Becca (From Snickers to Marathon) ran a competition with Workplay Bags for one lucky entrant to win  their very own Goddess III bag. I Jumped at the opportunity, and was delighted to see that Toto (the owner’s dog) had picked my name out of a hat!


So, that was back in November (a lovely early Christmas present), and now I’ve had a good couple of month’s use out of the bag but I never cease to be impressed by how clever it is.

After the competition I met Guy, the creator and director of Workplay Bags, at the running show at Sandown. This man is seriously a genius. And an enthusiastic one at that. His passion for his projects really rubs off on you and just by speaking to him you learn so much more about the thought that goes in to each and every one of his bags. So much so that I bought two more (the Gymwise II, and the Fleetfoot III).

Anyway, back to the Goddess. The Goddess is the ultimate in kit organisation. Made up of three obvious compartments, the central cavity with apt storage for your workout kit, beauty accessories and more, a side compartment for shoes, coming with it’s own shoe drawstring bag, and a second side compartment for toiletries with a removable toiletry bag which you can carry to the showers and fits perfectly in the space, the bag is already a big step ahead of most duffel bags you can buy from sports stores.

IMG_0086 IMG_0089 IMG_0090

But, there’s more…

Inside the main compartment there is a removable drawstring laundry bag, perfect for popping your used kit in once you’ve finished your workout. Then there are elasticated pockets around the inside of the bag which I use for deodorant, perfume, hairspray and moisturiser. Even with this bounty there is still plenty of space for more.

In addition to the elasticated pockets there is a zip-up flap pocket near the top of the bag where valuables can be kept, complete with a microfibre lining to stop it jingling like a SWAG bag, and on the opposite side there’s even a little pocket for you to keep a pound for towels or the locker.


And in case you should forget anything, there’s a checklist on the lid of the bag, and on the outside of the lid a zip pocket for documents.


And to top it all off, at the bottom of the bag, inside the main compartment,  there’s even a little pouch for keeping wet swimming kit separate, accessible by a zip at the back of the bag. Seriously clever.

But clever storage isn’t the only concern. Guy designed the bag to sit comfortably against your body while you carry it. The straps have a Velcro tab, keeping them neatly together, and are long enough that when the bag is on your shoulder you can tuck your hand underneath the base to give extra support.

What’s in my Goddess III

Bag Contents

At the moment I am in full Half Ironman training swing, so the Goddess is mostly being used for my trips to the pool. Currently in my bag are:


Towel (full size bath sheet)

Two hairbrushes








Removable toiletry bag:

Shower gel

Face wash

Shampoo & conditioner

Razor & oil

Toothbrush & toothpaste)


Swim kit bag:

Pull buoy

Hand paddles



Waterproof notepad

Timex watch


Flip flops



Core150 shaker


Change of clothes for work


Swimming costume

Swim hat

And a cuddly toy… joke.

Even with all of this kit in my bag, I never struggle to find anything, and it doesn’t feel stuffed. I would never use a different gym bag again.

Where to Buy

To get hold of your very own fantabulous gym bag head to Workplay Bags. The Goddess III is available in a choice of three colours (I’ve got berry and black) at the excellent price of £84.99.

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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