10 Thoughts from the WOD Floor

10 Thoughts from the WOD Floor
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We all know the feeling of a really hard WOD, but have you ever stopped to think about what goes through your head when you’re in the thick of it? I bet we all have pretty similar though processes when we’re working out – whether it’s about what we’re going to eat later, that thought of “is this ever going to end” and when our mind swings from elation to desperation.

These are just some of the thoughts that can come in to play once the clock has gone 3… 2… 1…GO!!


Thoughts of a CrossFitter

Why was I planning on breaking up the reps? This feels great! Maybe I’ll go unbroken?

We’ve all been there… you had a strategy but the buzzer went and out you shot like Bolt from the blocks. Deep down you know you’re probably kidding yourself, but the adrenaline got the better of you!

When I get home tonight I’m going to eat ALL the pizza… paleo, of course.

What serious CrossFitter doesn’t think about food all the live long day? I’m always either eating food or thinking about food, and that includes while I’m working out. Just me? Oh…

OMG, surely we must be nearly done by now? *Looks at the clock, hopefully* Oh, we’re 2 minutes in…

Time seems to stop still when you’re doing a really hard workout. This is especially true of a 10-1 WOD where the round of 7 and 6 feel like utter hell. The exception to this rule is that strange vortex of time when you’re in the work period of an EMOM or the rest period of Tabata.


Seriously, how has he done so many reps already?!

There’s always one. That person who moves on to their second round on an AMRAP while you’re still on the second of three exercises. How do they move so fast? Must be all the pre-workout.

8, 9, 10… was that 10? Shit, why can’t I count anymore?! I’ll do another rep just to make sure. And maybe one more just in case!

Yes it’s normal and yes it happens to everyone. Counting is a process saved for the oxygen-rich. But even if you’re ultra competitive, it’s always better to do one too many reps than one too few. Suck it up and get it done.


Maybe if I pretend I need chalk I can take some rest?

You’re gasping for breath, you have that pained expression of “this really f**king hurts” on your face and suddenly you realise there’s a perfect excuse for rest sitting just a few glorious feet away from you… the chalk bucket. You saunter over, dust up, catch your breath… no-one ever runs to the chalk bucket!

This WOD is going to be the end of me. I’m going to die doing thrusters.

There’s something really unique about thrusters. They just have this ability to make you want to cry. And almost every year the bastards at CrossFit HQ decide it will be a good idea to have a couplet of thrusters and rowing or burpees. You’re certain your obituary will read “killed by thrusters”.


Yup, I ripped my hands. Totally worth it though.

It’s always the way. Your hands will rip at the worst possible time. Like when you know you have lots of meetings the following week and will have to shake people’s hands. But in the midst of a workout, when you’re killing it to get the reps done, you just don’t care.

I can’t do any more, I really need to stop…. NO… Just. One. More. Rep.

You’ll see this in others more than yourself, but the internal debate is there for most of us. You really want to stop what you’re doing and crawl into the fetal position, but you know you just want that extra rep on the board. Somehow, you keep on going and get that final rep out. And it feels like you reached the top of Everest.IMG_0594

Does this list strike a chord with you? Do you have any other thoughts in the middle of a WOD? Comment with them below or on social media! I’d love to hear them!

No matter how hard we try and plan our strategy in a WOD, our mind can have a completely different idea once our lungs start burning and our legs go to jelly. This is intended to be a just-for-fun post, but if you want to know more about mental prep for competing in CrossFit, check out my post on how to up your game in CrossFit Competitions.

And if you liked this post, please feel free to share it or comment – it really means a lot!

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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  1. 23rd January 2017 / 8:11 pm

    Haha loved reading this! Not really a CrossFitt-er as such but can definitely relate to a few of these during an intense workout. Especially number one. I’m thinking hmm, maybe I’ve reached a new level of fitness, this is great! And then it hits me.

    Oh and the food. It makes me work harder if, mid-workout, I promise myself a pizza afterwards (like you said, Paleo of course).

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