2015 Training Diary – Week 27

2015 Training Diary – Week 27
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I‘ll apologise now… this may be a slightly wingey post. I sprained my ankle this week and am feeling very sorry for myself, so please try to filter through the layers of self-pity! Not only am I unable to train, but my independence is also being challenged and I’m having to rely on my fiancé, family and friends more than I ever feel comfortable doing. I’ve always fended for myself whenever I could, so being so dependent on others is hard and I’m having to swallow my pride and just say “thank you” rather than arguing “I can do it!”

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get to see a physio yet, so I don’t know the extent of the damage I’ve done, only that it’s ligament damage. I know that sprains can take a while to heal, and are notorious for repeated injury further down the line, so I’m going to have to be really sensible with my recovery and rehab in order to increase my chances of returning to pre-injury strength. However, what I am concerned about now is how much progress I’ll have lost towards better ankle mobility. It’s a real set-back.

Anyway, enough self pity… here’s what I got up to this week.

Week 27: 29th June to 5th July 2015

Monday – Rest day. Today I was volunteering at a secondary school doing interviews with the year 10 kids as part of an employability skills day. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was a learning experience for me as well as the kids! It was amazing to see all the different personalities – some of the kids seemed so much wiser than their 14 or 15 years. It was a long day though, and mentally tiring trying to keep on top of five hours of interviews with 5-6 kids at a time… how on earth do teachers keep a class of 25-30 engaged?!

Tuesday – CrossFit 6am. After a rowing warm-up and some mobility work we got into a run up to heavy clean and jerks. We started with 3 x 3 reps at 65-75%, then 2 x 2 at 70-75% and finally single reps working up from around 80%. I got up to 55kg, 5kg under my 1RM, before I ran out of time. The WOD was 3 rounds of:

1 minute of wallballs (9/7kg)

1 minute of pistol squats

1 minute of handstand pushups (1/2 ab mats)

1 minute of pull ups

We had 1 minute rest between each of the three rounds for a total of 14 minutes. I scaled the pistol squats to ring-assisted, meaning I held on to the rings and used them for balance at the bottom of the squat – my mobility prevents me from doing these without – and I used a thin red band to assist my pull ups. After the three rounds I finished with 181 reps in total.

Wednesday – CrossFit 6am. With a running warm-up and general mobility work we then went into some rig work, with a choice of kipping pull ups, toes to bar, or ring muscle ups for those who were close to getting them. I worked on toes to bar with the knees to elbows regression – trying to string them together. After a few reps our coach pointed out to me that I’m not pushing myself far enough back on the flexion stage of the kip to allow me to keep the momentum so I worked on that for a few sets. After that we moved on to 6 x 6 bench press at 75% 1RM, 37.5kg for me.

The WOD was a 10 minute EMOM of:

3 x box jumps (24/20″)

100 metre sprint

5 x plyometric push-ups

When I saw just 3 reps for the box jumps I was a bit confused as usually we would have at least 6 or 8 to get through, but there was a reason the reps were relatively low… the goal was to work on “rebounding”, i.e. jumping down from the box and straight back up, rather than stepping down and then jumping up. This makes the movement so much quicker, but can be quite stressful on the joints so it’s good to start small with this.

I got home after work and just did a few minutes of yoga. Sweaty Betty have an Instagram challenge going on at the moment called #getyouromback where each day you try a different yoga post and snap a picture of it to post on Instagram. They have brilliant prizes up for grabs throughout the competition so check it out on Sweaty Betty’s Instagram! Here is my day one pose, child’s pose:


Thursday – Run 7:45pm. Tonight was a midweek league (MWL) race with my running club, Harlow RC. It’s a bit of a late start for a run, but the MWL races are always good fun – hundreds of runners all representing their clubs followed by a good spread and lots of chatter in the sunshine. The race started well, bar the guy making sex noises as he ran, but I managed to get away from him in a mile or so. A little way in there was a cross country section, but I tried to keep up the pace as best I could and it was only about half a mile of cross country/trail before we were back on the road.

I ran for another mile or so before stopping for a drink – laughing with a marshall as he told me they only had water left and the bacon sandwiches had run out – and then I started running again. But something wasn’t right. My left ankle was really smarting and I had to stop within a couple of hundred metres. I couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong, I felt ok just a little while before. I tried running again but really struggled to pick my left leg up and soon had to stop again.

Runners passed me, each of them saying “keep going Harlow” as they recognised my club vest. I looked at my watch and debated stopping to ask a marshall for a lift, but then remembered the points system of the MWL – I didn’t want to let my club down by stopping. I dragged myself the last 2 miles or so of the race, having to stick my leg slightly out to the side to reduce the pressure on my ankle, and stopping to walk every 1/4 of a mile or so. Crossing the line I got the biggest cheer from my club mates, which I was unfortunately too frustrated and upset to acknowledge, and was instantly greeted by the first aid reps at the race who put ice on my ankle and sat me down.


Friday – Rest day. Waking up in the morning my ankle was ridiculously sensitive. I could barely put pressure on it and had to hop around trying to shower and get dressed. Darren took me to A&E on his way to work and I had an x-ray, which the nurse said was negative for any breaks. She handed me a “soft tissue damage” leaflet and sent me on my way. Calling in sick to work I sat at home with my foot up all day, trying to reduce the swelling.


Saturday – Rest day. Another day sat with my foot up. Darren’s parents were round doing work in the garden, and I sat watching tennis feeling guilty. My work friend dropped off a pair of crutches about mid-day – she’d had an ACL reconstruction about 8 or 9 weeks ago but has been walking without crutches now for weeks so she didn’t need them. They were a complete life-saver and I was at least now able to get myself around the house a bit more easily… though they do leave you without a hand to carry a cup of tea!

Sunday – I was supposed to be going along to a press day with Maui Jim, the sunglasses brand, to play tennis with Martina Hingis at the Wimbledon Club – such a fantastic opportunity, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be and the journey alone would have been a marathon for me at that rate. I tried not to grumble about it as I sat at home for a third consecutive day, feeling (I’m pretty sure) a lot like my gorgeous dog did when she injured her paw a few years ago. Well, they say dogs look like their owners…

IMG_20150705_182445 IMG_20150708_173651

Mileage Tracker

Weekly Miles: 6 miles (it may have been sloppy, but I finished)

Running Total: 194.8 miles

2015 Fitness Goals Progress

Goal Target/Date Progress
Running Twice per week 14 out of 27 weeks
Inversions Unsupported hand/handstand (end Q1) Can hold unsupported… just need to work on confidence
Pullups 5 strict (end Q2) Allllllmost one strict (nose height!)
Squat Depth Below parallel (end Q4) Air squat 3/4 depth
Clean & Jerk Body weight (end Q4) 60/72.5kg… slowly getting there!
Snatch 2/3 body weight 40/47.5kg
Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley


    • Georgina Spenceley
      28th July 2015 / 12:10 pm

      Sorry Lauren, only just seen this! Thank you 🙂 Hope you’re running well after the Race to the Stones! Well done!

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