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#FireUpYourRun With Nathan Sports Running Lights

#FireUpYourRun With Nathan Sports Running Lights
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As fireworks go off around the country I’m looking to a different kind of bright lights this autumn and winter. High-visibility running lights, to be exact. I’ve been running for about 6 years now, and it was only recently that the thought even crossed my mind to actually get myself a running light. I used to think it was… a bit dorky. I would begrudgingly wear a high-vis vest, but that was it. Now, as I get older and, perhaps, wiser, I see the importance in being visible when I run.

Luckily, active brand Nathan has created a huge selection of winter running essentials to help you #FireUpYourRun. With their range of strobe lighting, reflective armbands and even clip-on heel lights, you will definitely see and be seen! Nathan kindly sent me a box of goodies to try out, and here’s how I got on!

The #FireUpYourRun Kit

Matchbox-style box Nathan #fireupyourrun
Check out the cute matchbox-style box my Nathan #fireupyourrun kit came in!

Zephyr Fire 100

This flashlight is specifically designed for running. I love how ergonomic it is – it feels super comfortable in my hand. There’s a front-facing torch element to it, which conveniently points downward towards the ground, and also a rear-facing LED to allow you to be seen. The only thing that annoys me is the back light seems to only have a flashing option and not constant light – I don’t particularly like flashing lights.

There is also an alarm button on the underside… just in case.

Pick one up from £33, Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch –

Nathan Zephyr Fire 100
Nathan Zephyr Fire 100

Orion Strobe

Clip light with crystal white LED and red rear LEDs. This strobe comes with a handy belt that you can clip it to, or you can clip it directly to your clothes. It has varying combinations of white constant, red flashy, white flashy and red constant lights which serve to light the path ahead as well as allow you to be seen. I think it looks a little bit like Ironman’s helmet, which makes me like it more!

Get yours from £19.95, here: NATHAN Orion Strobe, Red/Silver

Nathan Orion, Hyperbrite and Pulsar Strobe
Nathan Orion, Hyperbrite and Pulsar Strobe

Hyperbrite Strobe

Clip this strobe light to the belt from the Orion, or to your clothing. This strobe is slightly less powerful than the Orion.

Pick this up here, from £11: Nathan HyperBrite Strobe –

Pulsar Strobe

Light and versatile – great for clipping on trainer laces. This might have to be the exception to my “no flashy lights” rule… just so I can pretend I have a pair of children’s active-light shoes!

The Pulsar can be picked up for just over £9, here: Nathan Pulsar Strobe Light – Red/Silver

Light Spur

This light clips on to the back of your heel allowing your feet to be seen so would be great for cycling. It kinda makes me feel like a Star Wars-esque cowboy.

Go western from just £16, here: NATHAN LightSpur, Black

Nathan Light Spur and Pulsar Strobe
Nathan Light Spur and Pulsar Strobe


This high-vis Bandolier vest is narrower than the standard ones, allowing for free arm movement and stopping you looking like a race-marshall or aircraft runway control. Keep the waist tight to avoid it bouncing around!

Buy it here, from £17: NATHAN Bandolier Vest, Yellow

Nathan Bandolier High-Vis Vest
Nathan Bandolier High-Vis Vest

Fire & Ice Bottle

Not everyone likes to carry water, and I tend not to other than for really long runs, but this bottle
could have its benefits as it supposedly keeps water cooler 20% longer than other insulated bottles. I’ll probably just use it for CrossFit though as I don’t like to carry anything for runs less than 90 mins.

Buy it here for just £9.95: Nathan Fire & Ice 600ml (20oz) Bottle – Double walled – Ultra Reflective – White : Free Wheeler

Nathan Fire and Ice Insulated Reflective Water Bottle
Nathan Fire and Ice Insulated Reflective Water Bottle

Feetures Elite Merino+ Light Cushion Socks

These seam-free compression socks are soooo soft and also have light cushioning for a comfortable, supported run. The support around the arch is lovely!

Buy them here, from £9.99: FEETURES! Running Socks – ELITE MERINO+ ULTRA LIGHT- No Show Tab

Feetures Elite Merino+ Cushion Socks
Feetures Elite Merino+ Cushion Socks

Lock Laces

These are great for triathletes, but can be used by anyone who just wants to get their shoes on and get out the door quickly! Swap out your ordinary laces for these bad boys and all you have to do is pull a toggle to tighten. Bingo!

You can get these here from just £4: Nathan Lock Laces

Final Thoughts

Nathan’s light selection ranges from as little as £10, upwards – a small price to pay for extra safety during those winter runs. I’ll probably stick to the Zephyr, Bandolier, Light Spur and perhaps the Strobe clipped to my trainers for my evening runs, as I think if I wore everything I may look a little like a Christmas tree! But every run and situation has its challenges, and some of the other Strobes may well come in handy for those really low-light situations.

I certainly feel safer knowing I can be well seen, and have an alarm… which I hope I’ll never have to use.

Nathan #fireupyourrun Running Lights

Disclaimer – I was given a selection of products by Nathan to try. As always, all opinions are my own and not affected by items gifted to me. This post includes Amazon Affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase after clicking the link I will receive a small commission – this does not change the price you pay in any way, and just helps me pay towards the cost of running this site! To find out more about this and my policy, please check out my Disclosure page.

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley


  1. Vikki
    9th November 2015 / 11:46 am

    I won a Nathan hand held torch last year but the charger connection fell into the torch after the first charge so I wasn’t able to use it again 🙁 I was really disappointed because it was a really lovely product and so much nicer that any other hand held torches.

    • Georgina Spenceley
      3rd December 2015 / 10:26 am

      Oh what a shame! I wonder if you might have been able to return/exchange it?

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