For most, CrossFit is a method of keeping fit. You go in to your local box, work hard, get fitter, stronger, faster. You make friends, support each other and come away feeling awesome. And that’s great. It’s enough. But for some, CrossFit is a sport – one to compete in… View Post

A couple of months ago I stumbled across the concept of the Bullet Journal and it has actually changed my life. That might sound dramatic, but when you’re a serial busy person you need a bloody good tool to keep you organised and on top of things as much as… View Post

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas has come around… I swear I say this every year, but it really has jumped up on me this year! There may not be long to go until the big day, but there’s still time to get some online shopping in with guaranteed Christmas… View Post

It’s been nearly a year since I got my first body weight (unassisted) pull-up. A goal I’d had for what seemed like forever finally came through, but I’ll admit to being a bit slack on working on them since. By now I should be doing sets of 5-10 with ease…… View Post

On Sunday I took part in the British Weightlifting Southern Masters competition, held at Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club. I had hoped to get new personal bests in both lifts, but when I tweaked my back doing a run up to my clean and jerk opener on Thursday morning I was… View Post