The controversy around CrossFit never seems to die down – every injury, every poor sponsorship choice, it all brings a new wave of critical comments and hating on the community. But how much of it is justified? I was sent a press release today about some recent research that links… View Post

Where the hell has summer gone? I can’t believe it’s September tomorrow, and I haven’t blogged for weeks! Usually this would stress me out no end, but I actually feel ok about it. After all, blogging is ultimately a hobby, and if I don’t post for a while nothing’s going… View Post

CrossFit has long been dismissed in the general fitness industry as a hype, a fad, or a cult. But with more and more boxes (CrossFit speak for gyms) popping up around the country, and indeed the world, there’s got to be something that keeps people rocking up to lift heavy… View Post

I often talk about the importance of rest on my blog and on Instagram, but I don’t just mean rest from exercise. Relaxation, trying new things, and a chance to escape from the stressors in life are just as important as taking time off from exercise. And what better place… View Post

I love running in London. I always say how I kind of know London as if it’s one of those blacked out maps you get on computer games where you uncover it bit by bit – popping up in different parts of London from the underground I didn’t really know… View Post