Michael sits at the kitchen table, working on a sudoku puzzle book. Tessa appears at the door and announces she is back; back at the house, but not back with him. She quizzes him about the lack of food. “There’s no food in the house.” Michael responds only with silence.… View Post

It’s Eating Disorders Awareness Week this week, 11-17th February 2013, and the Eating Disorders charity “Beat” want to take this week to spread the message that eating disorders may be more common than you think: “Everybody knows Somebody”. This post is hopefully going to help spread that message, with information… View Post

With a record 37,227 people finishing the London Marathon in 2012 and new races cropping up all over the place, it’s no surprise that running participation is on the rise. A recent survey by Sport England shows that 15.5 million people aged 16 and over are playing sport at least… View Post

Welcome back to Spring into a Marathon, Fitcetera’s special marathon training feature. By now you are already around a quarter of the way into your training and should be starting to feel the benefit of your regular planned sessions. You will be getting used to the paces you should be… View Post

We’ve all heard the news, and read the many, many snow-related Facebook statuses, but now the reality has hit us: it’s actually snowed! Believe it or not the white stuff can put off even the most seasoned runner from hitting the streets for a workout. But fear not, you don’t… View Post