Back again with another fruit and vegetable of the month – this time for our beloved Christmas season. If we all eat seasonal produce, not only are we reaping the benefits of different nutrients and minerals when food is at it’s finest and freshest, but we’re also helping local businesses.… View Post

A former champion of Strictly Come Dancing with an even more glittery professional career, Karen Hardy kindly took time out of her busy schedule to talk to Fitcetera about what makes dancing so good for fitness, and also spilt the beans on the dark horse and likely finalists of this… View Post

Following the news of a runner found critically ill in Harlow, Essex who is yet to be named, it seems a good time to┬áremind all runners to keep safe and ID yourselves. The story broke yesterday afternoon of an unidentified man found unconscious in the early hours of yesterday morning.… View Post

As we come closer to the depths of winter it’s time to start thinking about the right clothing and accessories to keep you comfortable and safe while out exercising. And if you’re running a spring marathon, you WILL be training during the cold spells. You’ll want to keep yourself warm,… View Post

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself but it’s becoming somewhat of a habit of mine. Most runners, triathletes, or other sporting participants look to enter at least a couple of events every year; it helps to focus your training, it’s a good test of fitness, you… View Post

There aren’t many of us that go through a day without snacking. In fact, a study published in 2010 suggests that 97% of Americans incorporate snacking into their regular diet (research conducted in 2006). And with UK trends closely following that of the US it wouldn’t be surprising to learn… View Post