I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself but it’s becoming somewhat of a habit of mine. Most runners, triathletes, or other sporting participants look to enter at least a couple of events every year; it helps to focus your training, it’s a good test of fitness, you… View Post

There aren’t many of us that go through a day without snacking. In fact, a study published in 2010 suggests that 97% of Americans incorporate snacking into their regular diet (research conducted in 2006). And with UK trends closely following that of the US it wouldn’t be surprising to learn… View Post

After exercise you may have stopped working, but your body hasn’t. Glycogen stores are replenished, and damaged muscle fibres begin to repair. Rest is when you actually become fitter and stronger, with your body working hard to adapt to the challenges placed upon it so it’s important to get post… View Post

It’s great to eat seasonal foods, not only because they are traditional for the time of year that they are grown, but because seasonal produce tastes better, it’s cheaper, and it’s better for the environment. It’s also great for our economy; if we all eat fruit and vegetables grown in… View Post

“It all started six days ago… the meteor shower carried with it an infection so fierce that people started to, turn. We will be guiding you across challenging and un-secured terrain, to our safe house where you will then be transported to secure facilities. If you see any zombies do… View Post

Charlotte Cooper, bassist and vocalist for The Subways, is a rock chick, festival queen, marathoner, half ironman and soon-to-be full ironman, and she still found the time to talk to me for my blog. This lady is superhuman! The Interview: You just completed your first half Ironman triathlon, how did… View Post