After exercise you may have stopped working, but your body hasn’t. Glycogen stores are replenished, and damaged muscle fibres begin to repair. Rest is when you actually become fitter and stronger, with your body working hard to adapt to the challenges placed upon it so it’s important to get post… View Post

It’s great to eat seasonal foods, not only because they are traditional for the time of year that they are grown, but because seasonal produce tastes better, it’s cheaper, and it’s better for the environment. It’s also great for our economy; if we all eat fruit and vegetables grown in… View Post

Charlotte Cooper, bassist and vocalist for The Subways, is a rock chick, festival queen, marathoner, half ironman and soon-to-be full ironman, and she still found the time to talk to me for my blog. This lady is superhuman! The Interview: You just completed your first half Ironman triathlon, how did… View Post

It’s 6am and the alarm’s going off for your morning sweat-session. You drag yourself out of bed, pull on your training gear, down a cuppa and head out the door. You’re ready for a productive workout, right? Wrong! There’s something missing from this morning routine: FUEL. Why? Sure enough, you could… View Post

You wouldn’t get very far if you tried to drive your car with an empty fuel tank, the same applies to your body. Muscle stores of the main fuel for exercise, carbohydrate, can only sustain moderate intensity exercise for around 90 minutes1, so how can you keep yourself revving all… View Post