The Virgin Money opened its ballot today for the 37th London Marathon. Like hundreds of thousands of others, I submitted my application. However, only 50,000 runners are accepted each year, with the knowledge that around 40,000 will actually line up. Of this 50k, a certain percentage will be charity runners,… View Post

Everyone seems to be an “expert” these days – people who have worked in the industry for all of about 5 minutes claim to be “fat loss experts” or “high performance training pro” (bro). In reality, none of us are experts. And those who are truly top of their field… View Post

Protein powder has become a bit of a staple in most fitness devotee’s kitchen cupboards, and we’re becoming more and more experimentative with using it, i.e. not just in shakes. Personally I can’t imagine anything more miserable than a scoop of protein powder just mixed with water in a shaker.… View Post

Those of you who know me will know there are few things I love more than peanut butter. So when I got hold of a bag of the Protein Pow whey protein cooking mix the first thing I wanted to make was a protein version of the genius invention that… View Post

The first time I ever tried CrossFit back in summer 2012 I just wore a pair of running shoes. I had no idea what to expect, and didn’t have trainers specific for lifting… all I did then was run and go to the gym. But by the time a box… View Post

A few weeks ago I headed over to Third Space Canary Wharf (formerly the Reebok Sports Club) to attend quite possibly the most exciting #GirlGains event yet. The event, powered by Protein Pow, was centred around body confidence, self-love and empowerment and oh my word did it deliver. I came away… View Post