Those of you who know me will know there are few things I love more than peanut butter. So when I got hold of a bag of the Protein Pow whey protein cooking mix the first thing I wanted to make was a protein version of the genius invention that… View Post

The first time I ever tried CrossFit back in summer 2012 I just wore a pair of running shoes. I had no idea what to expect, and didn’t have trainers specific for lifting… all I did then was run and go to the gym. But by the time a box… View Post

A few weeks ago I headed over to Third Space Canary Wharf (formerly the Reebok Sports Club) to attend quite possibly the most exciting #GirlGains event yet. The event, powered by Protein Pow, was centred around body confidence, self-love and empowerment and oh my word did it deliver. I came away… View Post

With the Virgin London Marathon just a couple of weeks away I thought now would be a good time to share with you my top tips for marathon recovery. Hopefully you’ve already learned some tricks for recovering from a long run along with your training but, for me, nothing compared… View Post

CrossFit has changed a lot about me and my body; it’s made me broader, my stomach firmer and my shoulders bigger… to the extent where some long-sleeved clothing feels a little, let’s say “taut”. Probably the most noticeable change in terms of how my clothes fit is with jeans. I lived… View Post

At the weekend a bus-load of us girls from CrossFit Raeda took a trip round to Reebok CrossFit Reading for a day of lifting, gymnastics and generally hanging around with ladies who like to lift! I was expecting to have a fun day working out with friends and learning some… View Post