CrossFit Christmas Gift Guide

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas has come around… I swear I say this every year, but it really has jumped up on me this year! There may not be long to go until the big day, but there’s still time to get some online shopping in with guaranteed Christmas delivery, and if you’re struggling to think of what to get the CrossFitter in your life, this gift guide should help you!

All the items in this guide are either products I’ve tried and tested myself, or are from brands I buy from regularly, so this is a bonafide recommendation from me, an avid CrossFitter/weightlifter, to you – the giver of gifts. I’ve included some higher price items right the way down to stocking fillers so there should be something for all budgets.

Let’s get shopping…

Home CrossFit Equipment


  1. Pull Up Mate – £108.29, including bag. A great piece of kit for home workouts and generally working on your pulling strength. I use mine for pull-up variations, ring dips (with my Reebok gymnastics rings) and even lat pull downs!
  2. Reebok Ab Mat – £24.99. Good support for your lower back during sit ups but can also double up to rest your knees on for ab roll-outs and push ups. 
  3. Incite Fitness Paralettes – £60. I got these for Christmas last year and love them for practising L sits, jump throughs, crow, handstands, etc.
  4. Reebok Gymnastics Rings – £59.99. Brilliant for working on dips and muscle up progressions. You can even invert on these with the Pull Up Mate!

Clothing and Footwear


  1. Reebok Nano 6.0 – £89.95. Reebok’s best shoe yet – super comfortable and more supportive than previous versions. And you can never have too many Nanos. They come in some gorgeous colours too!
  2. Nike Romaleos – £180. A pricey shoe, but worth it’s weight in gold (and it’s a bloody heavy shoe!). I wouldn’t wear anything else for pure weightlifting now.
  3. Reebok Jogging Bottoms – £39.95. These are perfect for chucking on in the evenings, or on top of leggings for between workouts. Super comfortable and stylish.
  4. Skins Calf Guards – £35. Great to keep in your kit bag in case of rope climbs, these calf guards will protect your loved one’s shins from the burn of the rope as they climb and descend.
  5. Nike Metcon 2.0 – £120. Another favourite shoe of mine. These are good for the Nike lovers out there and there are so many colours to choose from! The new rose gold ones are gorgeous!



  1. Unbroken Designs Weightlifting Belt – £29.99. I try not to wear a lifting belt too often, but find it really helps me with my clean and jerk when the bar gets heavy. This is supportive enough without being super wide.
  2. Vropes Fire Skipping Rope and Speed Cable Pack – £40 + £18. My favourite rope so far… and I’ve tried a lot of ropes trying to find the one that will magically give me double unders! You can get the extra pack with three different weight ropes for all preferences (each longer length for you to cut to the right length) and you can get the handles personalised too!
  3. Bulldog Gear Mobility Gear – from £2.99. Perfect for home workouts, stretching and glute activation. A mix of full size and shorty bands at different weights, plus a lacrosse ball and peanut roller would make for a really good mobility kit!
  4. Reebok Kit Bag – £89.95. Big enough to store all of your kit in and a really cool, quite military style. Us CrossFitters have a lot of kit to pack away!

Holistic Accessories


  1. Love Life Supplements Primal Power Whey Protein – £34.95. Really good quality whey protein which contains a balance of 20g protein, 10g fat and 5g carbohydrate per serving. It even contains health boosting flaxseeds, digestive enzymes and prebiotics.
  2. Liforme Yoga Mat – £100. The best yoga mat ever. Fact. Lines on the mat help with alignment in poses, the anti-slip fabric helps you stay in place no matter how sweaty your hands get, and it’s big enough for those of us who are a little taller. I got it for Christmas last year and wouldn’t use any other mat now!
  3. Yoga Gym – £12. A great book of yoga workouts from Nicola Jane Hobbs. This book isn’t just for yogis – CrossFitters will benefit hugely from the strength and mobility focused yogacises.
  4. First Aid 4 Sport CrossFit Kit – from £6. a brilliant little kit for any CrossFitter to put in their (Reebok) kit bag! The basic kits contains tape, plasters, bandages, gloves, scissors, etc. but you can also add products like a callous shaver and a block of chalk! Perfect for keeping the WOD going through every pull-up your beloved can do.
  5. Becoming a Supple Leopard – £45.99. The CrossFitter’s bible. This well-known book is packed full of mobility exercises and technique tips to help make for the smoothest movement standards known to man. Great for any mobility geek hoping to brush up on some Starrett knowledge.

Stocking Fillers


  1. Graze Mince Pie Flapjack – £5.99 for six. Because… mince pie flapjack. Duh!
  2. MyProtein Wrist Wraps – £8.49. Like with the belt, not to be worn all the time, but when doing lots of heavy reps wrist wraps really help. These are a really affordable little present – great for Secret Santa!
  3. MissFits Protein Sachets – 12 sachets for £20. Individually portioned pea protein sachets of goodness. In four lovely flavours.
  4. WATU headband – £19.99. A headband that actually stays in place while you train. And it has aluminium spots to help cool in known hotspots! Awesome. Oh and it’s unisex.
  5. Stance Socks – from £7.99. Stance are known to be the sock of choice of CrossFitters. They’re super comfortable, colourful, and help protect your shins during rope climbs. Awesome.

I hope this CrossFit Gift Guide has helped you think of some last-minute gifts for the CrossFitter in your life. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d add!

Disclaimer: Some of these items were given to me as PR samples in the past. However, most were bought by me, or given to me as gifts from my family and I would recommend them to my friends! As always, my opinion is my own and not affected by payment, or items/services gifted to me. To find out more about my policy on this and other matters, see my Disclosure page. This post contains some affiliate links. Affiliate links do not affect the price that you pay, but any commission earned helps me to pay the costs of running this site. To find out more about my policy on this and other matters, see my Disclosure page.

Christmas Gift Guide – What To Buy CrossFitters, Runners and Yogis

Christmas. My favourite time of year! Cosy evenings, beautiful lights and decorations, time spent with family, and the giving of gifts – all bringing a sense of comfort and happiness. If you need a little helping hand in your decision of what to buy your loved ones, this gift guide may just be the thing you need… well, if your loved one is into CrossFit, running or yoga, that is!

I put this list together with the hope of helping you find a little something for your fitness friends/family, and also to showcase a few of my favourite items, or those I’m coveting myself. Products marked with an asterisk (*) are tried and tested. Everything else is based on personal opinions of style and/or usefulness!

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I’ve included a range of products, from stocking fillers and more affordable gifts, right the way up to luxury/high-end items, to help you choose something appropriate for your budget. But enough chat… let’s get shopping!

Christmas Gift Guide – What to Buy CrossFitters, Runners and Yogis

Luxury gifts

Luxury Christmas Gifts For The Runner, Yogi and CrossFitter

For the yogi… Liforme Yoga Mat. £100. This is on my “to-buy” list… as soon as I can justify the £100 to get it! The markings on the mat help you to achieve perfect alignment in each of the postures, meaning you can focus more on getting the most out of your practice and less on whether your hands and feet are level in downward dog.

For the CrossFitter… Reebok CrossFit Fleece. £110. This may seem a lot for a fleece, but the design of this baby has taken WODs into consideration meaning you can train in it without compromising performance. Reebok also spent a long time working out the shape of CrossFit athletes in order to get the best fit possible. No more shoulder or lat constriction!

For the runner… adidas Ultra Boost Trainers.* £130. These are just a fantastic running shoe. adidas’s Boost technology has been around for a few years now and their shoe design seems to be going from strength to strength. The Ultra Boost shoes are their greatest shoe yet, with bouncy cushioning, stretchweb outsole and a knitted upper for the perfect fit.

High-end gifts

High-end Christmas Gifts For The Runner, Yogi and CrossFitter

For the yogi… Lululemon Bring It Om Tote. £68. Firstly, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the name! This bag has room for all your yoga bits – strap, blocks, water, cover-up and yes, even your mat. Though the bag is super-sleek in black, I would love if they had a choice of colours, but there’s no denying how functional it is. A great gift for yoga class regulars.

For the CrossFitter… inov-8 Fastlift Shoes.* £69.99. I am in love with my fastlifts. Having tried Reebok lifters I thought my luck was out getting a comfortable lifting shoe (sorry Reebok, I just wasn’t a fan), but inov-8 certainly lived up to their usual standard of delivering the most comfortable fit, complete with an extremely sturdy heel and sole. These shoes have been an absolute godsend for my lifting, and the new AW15 colourway is just lush.

For the runner… Pace Run Leggings.* £75. Give your loved ones cosy legs for their winter runs. These leggings are not only beautiful to look at, but also toasty with a thermal fabric. Sweaty Betty can be known for their great fitting clothing and these leggings are no exception. Plus, they make the wearer’s bum look uber-peachy… surely a benefit to the buyer too?!

Mid-range gifts

Mid-range Gifts For The Runner, Yogi and CrossFitter

For the yogi… Yogasphere Yoga at the Shard.* £40. Not a material gift, but one your yoga-loving loved one will remember forever. Imagine doing yoga at the dizzying heights of over 1,000 feet! This is an experience not to be missed, and… yogasphere plant 10 trees for every class booked so you can feel nice and smug for saving the planet at the same time.

For the CrossFitter… RX Smartgear Jump Rope.* Approx. £35. These jump ropes are brilliant – the cable rotates freely and the handles are comfortable to hold. You can also get varying weight cables for a faster or more controlled rotation. They are custom made and from America, but if you order now you should expect delivery with time to spare before Christmas. You can even pre-pay the taxes to save more time!

For the runner… Redbear Sports Christmas Jumper Running Top.* £28. I don’t think this running top even needs a justification… it’s a technical running top, that looks like a Christmas jumper. Oh, and did I mention it’s technical? What more can you want?! You may have seen a very similar item on my Christmas wish list last year – clearly this idea will never get old to me! Make sure you size up though – they come up small and you won’t want your loved one thinking they’ve just eaten too many mince pies.

Affordable giftsAffordable Gifts For The Runner, Yogi and CrossFitter


For the yogi… Yoga Gym: The Revolutionary 28 Day Bodyweight Plan for Strength, Flexibility and Fat Loss.* £12. A must have for yoga lovers who want to take their yoga to the next level, or equally for newbie yogis who want to learn how to supplement their yoga practice with postures and techniques that will make them stronger and more flexible. I was lucky to receive an advance copy and I’m loving it already. Released on 17th December… just in time for Christmas.

For the CrossFitter… Be Better Athletic Wrist Wraps.* £11.99. When strength work gets heavy, the front rack position or snatch grip can get painful on the old wrists. These wrist wraps are little gems, helping to hold your wrist in a safer position and limited the stress on this complicated joint. Ideal for any CrossFitter looking to move onto heavier lifts.

For the runner… Led Lenser Neo Headlight.* £20. When the evenings get dark at this time of year, visibility is essential. You want your loved one to see and be seen, right? This headlight is superb… no doubt about it. The rectangular shape of the light casts a widescreen beam, meaning you can see the full width of the pavement ahead. It’s also light and comfortable, so your loved one is less likely to care that they look like a miner.

Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers For The Runner, Yogi and CrossFitter

For the yogi… Yummi Yoga Cookie Cutters. £6.50. How adorable are these?! Available in a range of shapes, your yoga lover can enjoy making cookies (healthy or not!) in their favourite yoga postures. A great novelty gift for that Christmas stocking or Secret Santa.

For the yogi… Activbod Mind Over Matter Balm.* £7. Perfect for helping focus and calm, this little balm is great for a pre-workout sharpener, or to pop on before laying down in savasana. Oh and it smells AMAZING.

For the CrossFitter… Goat Tape. £9.99. WTF is goat tape? Well I can’t explain the name, but I can explain the purpose! CrossFit can get a little tough on the old hands – this tape can be used to protect problem areas on the hand where the bar or rig might cause tears, or even to hold grips in place. Still confused about the name? Me too.

For the CrossFitter… Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion. £5. This stuff helps loosen tight spots which, let’s face it – us CrossFitters have a-plenty. A handy little roll on makes it easier than ever to apply deep heat right where you need it for that muscle soothing action.

For the runner… NATHAN StrobeLight. £9. You may have seen my post on the range of Nathan Sports goodies to help #fireupyourrun. This baby is perfect for a Christmas Stocking filler that will help keep your loved one safe this winter.

For the runner… Feetures Elite Cushion No Show Socks. £10. I can’t be the only one who used to routinely get socks in my Christmas stocking? Keep a shoe in (get it?!) with tradition by popping these comfy little socks in your favourite runner’s stocking this Christmas. They’ll thank you with cosy feet!

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Why not share this list with your friends or family if there’s something on here that you want… there’s nothing like a subtle hint in the form of a Tweet or Facebook comment!

Christmas Gift Guide for CrossFitters, Runners and Yogis

Please note that this post contains some affiliate links – if a purchase is made through an affiliate link then I will receive a small commission – this does not affect the price you pay, nor does it have an influence on my decision to post the specific product(s). To find out more about affiliate links and my policy, please see my Disclosure page.