Wellness Retreats at Lifehouse Spa

As a fitness blogger I obviously care a lot about health and wellbeing. I eat healthily the majority of the time, exercise 4-5 times per week, and like to keep myself up-to-date on the latest health and fitness research. And this doesn’t change when I go away. A must-have in any hotel I go to, for business or for pleasure, is a gym. If there’s a CrossFit box nearby, even better. Thankfully, the leisure and tourism industry has caught on to this, and wellness retreats are all the more popular.

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But if you think a “wellness retreat” just means super serious yoga classes on a remote island with nothing but chicken and rice to eat, you’re mistaken. You can get the best in wellness breaks right here in the UK, and with a delicious menu to boot! I tested out one of our country’s finest spas, Lifehouse Spa, to check out their wellness offering along with 5 other foodie and fitness bloggers… here’s a run-down of what Lifehouse Spa has to offer its health-conscious guests.

Lifehouse Spa





The Hotel

Set in the Essex countryside, just an hour from London, Lifehouse Spa combines a Scandinavian feel with lush English Heritage gardens and five lakes. The grounds are enormous with plenty of hiding places to explore – perfect if you want a quiet spot to sit and read.

The hotel itself has 89 rooms, all of which are modern in style. The bed in my room was huge, enough to fit four people (or three CrossFitters!) and there was a little seating area and dressing table. The bathrooms are pure luxury with an electric shower where you can select your preferred temperature and water pressure, plus the mirrors have an anti-steam square in the middle so you can actually see yourself even after you’ve showered.

During the day, guests walk around the facilities in robes, provided in the rooms along with slippers. The whole feel of the spa is one of relaxation and comfort.




Central to the spa are the bar/café and restaurant. Breakfast and lunch are buffets, while dinner is a la carte.

Expect pastries, cereals, breads, cooked breakfasts and yoghurts with fruit for breakfast – the choice is incredible! Of course I had first and second courses…

Lunch consists of hot and cold options, with fresh fish, casseroles, curries, quiches, salads and more. If your sweet tooth is calling then the chocolate torte is amazing!

For dinner we had a tasting menu with a selection of dishes soon to be on the menu. With a trio of starters and desserts, and sharing plates for the mains, there was plenty to try. My favourite were the hot smoked salmon and edamame salad, beetroot ravioli, vegan korma, and duck salad. And you really must try the lemon and polenta cake with goats’ milk ice cream!








There’s a huge variety of classes to choose from at Lifehouse – everything from pilates and yoga classes to pad boxing, TRX and barbells. We tried an abs and glutes class before dinner on the Tuesday, which focused on the all important core. The class was suitable for all abilities, and it was great to see all ages and a mix of men and women in attendance. 

On the Wednesday we had a bespoke outdoor fitness class led by three of the personal trainers. Combining pad boxing, a trim trail, and a 300 rep challenge, each of the trainers put us through our paces… potentially even more so because they knew we were fitness bloggers!

The purpose-built trim trail includes a slalom run section, balance beams, pull-up bars, monkey bars and a slanted beam, each station separated by a 1-200 metre run. This could easily be used by guests who fancy a solo workout.






Fitness classes are all included in the cost of your day trip or overnight stay, but while at the spa you can also book and pay for additional sessions, including personal training, physiotherapy and even life coaching. We had workshops with some of Lifehouse Spa’s dedicated wellness team to find out more.

Life coach and author of the upcoming book Start With You, Rebecca Miller, ran through some tips with us in a goals workshop. She talked through the seven needs we need as humans, highlighted how to identify which areas need the most attention and development in our lives, and gave us actionable points on planning and pursuing our dreams. Rebecca is super inspiring and able to help steer you in the right direction for the goals you want to achieve. She also offers packages to continue your life coaching sessions with her long after your wellness retreats at Lifehouse, with sessions available via Skype. I’m definitely hoping to continue speaking with her to help keep me focused on my end goal.

Following our coaching session, resident physiotherapist, Natasha Allsop, highlighted some key posture issues and offered suggestions for how to improve our posture while working – something so useful to those of us who sit behind a desk all day long!




Lifehouse Spa offers 95 different treatments, ranging from massages and facials to holistic therapies and reiki. I had a treatment called “healing and balance”, an energy healing treatment and something I would have been unlikely to have chosen myself.

The treatment was with Michael Barthaud, a Reiki therapist, and involved energised crystals that were placed on specific parts of my body. He then ran through a meditation sequence before using light touch to encourage healing and bring balance my body’s energy system. I found it really hard to let my mind wander – I tend to be quite busy and always have a lot of thoughts so struggle to let go and just think of nothing. I focused on what I could feel when Michael applied the light pressure to my head, shoulders, rib cage, hips, knees and then ankles, and just let myself drift off into a semi-sleep state.

After the treatment he ran through what he felt I was suffering from and struggling with, physically and mentally, and gave me a remedy to take home, made up of a personalised blend of Australian flower remedies. The mix he made includes flowers to help with confidence, energy levels, happiness and also to soothe pain. Seven drops under the tongue morning and night will apparently do the trick, and I’m certainly willing to give it a go!





The Spa

Complete with a pool big enough to swim lengths, a jacuzzi bath, plunge pool, sauna, steam room and salt inhalation room, the spa is a place to wash away all your stresses. We spent some time in there after dinner (not the best time to get in a swimsuit!) and it was such a nice way to end the day. I tend to prefer dry heat to humid heat, so I opted for the sauna over the steam room, and the plunge pool, a small one-person-sized pool of cold water, was very welcome after sitting in the hot jacuzzi for a little too long! They even have a shower where you can choose between tropical rain, a cold rain shower, or cool mist. How’s that for a spa experience?!



Hidden Sanctuary

As well as the main spa, there’s an extra little hidden gem at Lifehouse Spa… the Hidden Sanctuary. Reserved for couples, this private section of the spa is a relaxation seeker’s dream. Starting with a full body scrub, side by side with your beau, you then take a 20 minute dip in a private pool before heading through for a full body massage.

Sleepy and relaxed, you can take advantage of a private lounging area (a double bed curtained off from the world) where you can daydream/relax/snooze for up to an hour. You can even order prosecco and chocolates or afternoon tea to your bed. This package is perfect for those romantic getaways with your better half. I’ll definitely be looking to book this up with my husband for a treat.

In Summary

I had such a lovely time at the Lifehouse Spa bloggers meet. The spa and hotel covers everything I’d want in a wellness retreat, and is the perfect place for a relaxing break with friends, family, or that special someone. I can’t wait to go back with Darren very soon hopefully!

This was my take on the Lifehouse Spa, but if you want to see another side it then check out the lovely ladies I was lucky to enjoy my stay with. Watch video footage of us taking full advantage of the buffet, and even pick up an exclusive Lifehouse Spa recipe or two…

These girls are amazing at what they do and inspired me so much in the short space of time I spent with them. Follow them to be inspired yourself!

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To take advantage of this exclusive offer, just use the code LFBLOG16.

Have you ever been to a spa? What do you look for in a wellness retreat?

Photos taken with my Olympus PEN E-PL7*.

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Life Update – Turning 30 and Getting a Pet

Where the hell has summer gone? I can’t believe it’s September tomorrow, and I haven’t blogged for weeks! Usually this would stress me out no end, but I actually feel ok about it. After all, blogging is ultimately a hobby, and if I don’t post for a while nothing’s going to break and no-one’s going to starve. It’s ok!

But let me catch you up on what I’ve been doing, and why I’ve been too busy to blog these last few weeks.

What’s been happening?

We got a pet

Yup, Mr Ellis and I got ourselves a bird. A yellowback chattering lori, to be exact. His name is Kevin (yes, really!) and he’s amazing. We’ve always been dog people, but with both of us out of the house at work for most of the day we couldn’t give in to our desire for a Labrador. So we decided to get a bird, who we can leave at home in his cage for most of the day and let out to play with us for an hour or so in the evenings.


The first couple of weeks were a little up and down, with a couple of incidents of biting, and us getting used to each other, but he’s settled in really well now and we’re totally smitten. He chatters away to himself when he’s playing, loves munching on apples and grapes, and goes mad for sponge fingers soaked in his porridge-like food. He also loves being scratched around his head and neck, wrestling with your fingers while throwing himself on his back, and sitting on your shoulders for safety between small doses of exploring the living room. Oh and he tests everything with his beak, tapping and pushing things with some hilarious curious noises.

We can’t get many good photos at the moment because Kevin loves shiny things and keeps flying at my phone/camera, but I’ll try to keep updating my social accounts with them when I can!

I turned 30

I’m now officially out of my 20s and well into adulthood. I’m pretty sure I can’t get away with being irresponsible by saying “well, I am in my 20s” anymore – I’ll have to find some other excuse. In fact, my first rebellious act as a 30 year old was to get my nose pierced!

I’ve never been worried about hitting 30 years of age. In fact, I’ve kind of been looking forward to it. But, I have to admit I do feel as though there’s now a new set of expectations on me to be making something of myself. There’s also the extra pressure of baby-making. I mean, I’m married and 30+ so pretty much every conversation is bound to touch on that at some point! The reality is, nothing is different now to when I was 29, and I plan to keep plugging away at life and trying to balance work-life with a life of things I love.

IMG_0010Putting all that aside, my husband made the day very special for me, and in the evening I celebrated with a party filled with lots of my favourite people. It was catered with the best food from our local smokehouse and grill, and I had the most amazing birthday cake made by my lovely friend Kelly… yes, that is a giant Ferrero Rocher on top! I was so lucky to be spoilt with lots of lovely cards and thoughtful gifts and came away feeling very loved.

I took time off

Trip to Poole

The day after my birthday Darren and I headed down to Poole for an overnight stay followed by a Segway tour of Upton Country Park (made possible by an experience voucher my brother got me for my last birthday). Segway was super fun and I’m so glad we gave it a go, and Poole Harbour is beautiful.


{THE ONLY WAY IS SEGWAY} Darren and I had a lovely day and night in Poole this weekend, starting with a delicious meal at our hotel, a walk along Poole harbour, a drive down to Sandbanks, ice cream by the water and then a Segway tour and afternoon tea at Upton Country Park 💛 Neither of us had been on a Segway before, but towards the end it felt pretty instinctive, and so much fun! I’d love to be able to spend every rest day like this! We’re back home now and ready to tuck into burgers from our favourite @willettsrealsmokehousebbq to end the weekend before another week off work 😊 How do you like to spend your rest days? #restdayfun #weekendaway #segway #segwayfun #looknohands

A photo posted by 🏋🏼 CrossFit 🙏🏼 Yoga 👟 Running (@fitcetera) on

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to venture over to Brownsea Island, which is supposed to be really nice too, so I’m sure we’ll make a return trip soon. Any excuse to go to the coast!

Tribal Clash

The following weekend I joined my CrossFit friends for a trip down to Dartmouth to support our team in Tribal Clash. If you want to know more about Tribal Clash then keep an eye out as I may well do a post about it on here, but for now I’ll just say that we had such a fun weekend of camping, CrossFit cheering, and maybe a little bit of drinking!


Our team did us proud with a finish that qualifies us for a pre-ordered place next year, as well as clocking up some brilliant finishes in really tough events. There Team Raeda are above, Terry, Ricky, Kelly, Amy, Russ and Jo. Well done to them on an amazing debut performance!

Once again, my mobility got in the way and I couldn’t even be considered for the team, but luckily the buzz of it all is just as good for the spectators, and I’ve come away looking for ways to get involved in the future – whether as a competitor or a judge.

What’s next?

That’s about it in terms of catching up over the last few weeks. I’ve been catching up with work and, as always, now it feels like we were never away. But Darren and I are lucky to be off again next week as we head to Amsterdam for a few nights with friends. If you have any recommendations of things to see and places to go there please comment below or let me know on social! Also be sure to keep an eye out on my Instagram for snaps of the trip!

Then when we get back from Amsterdam I’ll be hitting the books for my third Open University module towards my degree in Sport, Fitness and Coaching!

In the meantime, keep an eye on the blog because I’ve got some great posts lined up for you! If there’s anything you want me to write about, feel free to comment below or get in touch on social!