SOLE Dual Layer Performance Socks

SOLE Dual Layer Performance Socks
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SOLE SocksThere’s not much more comforting than a good pair of socks, and they become even more important when you’re a runner. Thousands of footsteps + warm feet + the occasional booty and you have a recipe for blisters. Ouch. I’ve tried dual layer socks before and have to admit I wasn’t too impressed, but when I heard about SOLE socks and the technology behind them I was eager to try them.

The Techy Bit

SOLE Dual Layer socks have an inner layer that hugs your foot, while the outer layer slides against it and has large vent panels for extra breathability. The socks also feature a TensorFit TM arch band to help keep them in place. The thing that surprised me the most about these socks was how soft they are, and with a Lycra blend they also have a great snug fit. Available in three heights: No Show, Ankle and Crew, and two colours: black or white, you are sure to find a pair for every sport and style.


Put to the Test

I tried these socks out for the first time at the Fitness Freak Rave, so they were really put to task with all the jumping and dancing around and change of direction: they did not budge. I went for the “No Show” fit, in black and really like the look and fit of them. They kept my feet perfectly cool through the whole class, despite the warm room, and they were very comfortable. I have also worn them running and they performed just as well then, keeping me completely blister-free and comfy.


My Verdict

With the SOLE socks staying firmly in place I am happy to admit to being proven wrong about dual layer socks – these are fab! The softness of the material, comforting fit and their non-slip performance during both a multi-directional fitness class, and a mid-distance run, has convinced me that these are a solid purchase.

Where to Buy

You can order SOLE Dual Layer socks from their UK website here for just £11.50£13, depending on the height you choose. SOLE also provide custom footbeds for improved foot support, you can find out more at

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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