2015 Training Diary – Week 49

2015 Training Diary – Week 49
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This week saw the second week of my personal training course so I knew I’d have to try and get all my planned workouts in during the week if I was to get enough exercise in. I managed a couple of challenging CrossFit sessions and a yoga class – a good balance of high intensity and mobility work!

Week 49 – 30th November to 6th December 2015

Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – CrossFit 6am. We started with a 15 calorie row for time, which I completed in 43 seconds. Next up was jerks off the rack for 2×3, 2×2, and then heavy singles. I got up to 55kg. The WOD was the Athlete Games competition WOD #1, which was:

0-1 – 5 burpee over bar, then 1 front squat.

1-2 – 5 burpee over bar, then 2 front squats

2-3 – 5 burpee over bar, then 3 front squats

Continuing the same pattern until you can’t complete the round in a minute.

The score was total reps x load (athlete chooses the load). I worked at 40kg and got 36 reps in total (minute 8) for a score of 1440. I had managed to finish the round of 8 in time to start the round of 9, but my back started to hurt so I dropped out.


Wednesday – Yoga, 7pm. Another of Paul’s fantastic Ashtanga yoga classes. We always work on such lovely, deep stretches, and he throws in a few really challenging moves, which I love.

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – CrossFit 6am. I made the stupid mistake of telling our coach about a hands on hips rule that my instructor on a bootcamp certificate course I went on had – every time someone put their hands on their hips everyone had to do five burpees. Joel took this and ran with it… making us all do burpees in addition to the WOD – the moral of this story? Don’t make casual conversation about forms of punishment with coach Joel!

We had a 7 minute EMOM of 5 strict pullups (with a band) and 5 toes to bar. Next up was 6×3 shoulder to overhead at 80-85% of 1Rm, supersetted with a 30 second handstand hold, every two minutes. I worked at 47.5kg. The WOD was a partner 10 minute AMRAP of:

12 calorie row

Max reps OH squat 43/30kg.

The score was the total number of overhead squats you completed in the time. I worked with Debs and we scaled to 20kg. Our score was 98 reps.


Saturday – PT course. Day one of the second weekend of learning to be a personal trainer with HFE. The morning started with our Level 3 Nutrition exam. I’d been nervous about this because I didn’t feel as though I’d spent enough time revising, but I finished up with some time to spare so did a quick pullup and TRX workout before morning break. Then we recapped some of the previous weekend’s topics, and then went on to looking at resistance training training concepts, including different types of sets and training methods. After lunch was a practical session, which is great for getting you out of that post-lunch slump… but not too great at letting your food settle! For the last part of the day we looked at cardiovascular training. This included aerobic training, intervals, fartlek, and HIIT. We had the opportunity to get hot and sweaty practising what we had learnt.

Sunday – PT course. Day two and we started the day off putting our “client” (eachother!) through 10 minutes of one cardiovascular workout, followed by 10 minutes of another cardiovascular training concept. After morning break we moved on to core stability exercises. We looked at different progressions and regressions you can do for core exercises, from isolated all the way up to integrated movements. The afternoon was spent learning PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching.

Have you done a Personal Trainer qualification? Or are you studying now, or thinking of starting? I’d love to hear your experiences of PT study!

Mileage Tracker

Weekly Miles: 0 miles

Running Total: 198.3 miles

2015 Fitness Goals Progress

Goal Target/Date Progress
Running Twice per week 15 out of 49 weeks
Inversions Unsupported hand/handstand (end Q1) Need to work on confidence away from a wall.
Pullups 5 strict (end Q2) Regressed since injury and infrequent training.
Squat Depth Below parallel (end Q4) Air squat 3/4 depth
Clean & Jerk Body weight (end Q4) Clean and jerk 60kg, clean 67.5kg. BW ~72.5kg.
Snatch 2/3 body weight 40/47.5kg
Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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