2015 Training Diary – Week 8

2015 Training Diary – Week 8
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It was a busy week this week – I managed to get all of my planned sessions in (my first week of doing this since the start of Jan!) all except a slightly shorter run on one day. This has shown me just how jam-packed my schedule is… but I’m trying to be relaxed about it and just do what I can, when I can.

I also ran the Brighton half marathon with Elle and Bethan this week (my first time back at Brighton since cycling there with the boyfriend and friends a couple of years ago, and, before that, running the marathon there in 2012). All in all it was a high motivation week, and I’m feeling really positive about my training.

I’ve also decided to enter the CrossFit Open again this year, despite my limitations with squat depth. I want to take the opportunity to see how I compare with other CrossFitters in the UK, and the Open is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for my weekly tips on the WODs as they are announced!

Week 8: 16th to 22nd February 2015

Monday – CrossFit 6am. We worked on a skill and strength element in one with the bear complex, which consists of 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat and finally another push press. All of this makes up 1 rep and we had to do 6 x 2, working up to our heaviest double. I got up to 45kg and then jumped to 50kg but only managed 1 rep at this weight. The WOD was an 8 min partner WOD with 1 minute at each of the following stations, twice through:

Rowing for calories

Sit ups

Down ups (a burpee without the jump)

Double unders (I did single skips)

The score was the joint total divided by the number of people in the team. Me and Jo worked together and got a score of 222.

Tuesday – CrossFit 6am. Today we worked on some gymnastics techniques with wall climbs, wall handstand holds and freestanding handstand holds. I managed to get myself nearly holding unsupported, but I’m not quite there yet, and definitely wouldn’t be able to get up there in the first place without someone supporting me – I tend to overcook it! Next up was 4 x 15-20 bench press @ 50% 1RM. I worked at 25kg and managed to get 20 reps out each time but wow did my arms ache! Then the WOD was 21 – 15 – 9 of:


Air squats

Hand release push up

I finished in 7:09, just under the time-cap of 8 minutes. I’ve always struggled with push-ups, and I’m pretty sure I was caterpillaring a little bit, but I wasn’t even sure I was going to finish when I was halfway through!

Run 6pm. This was our first work run club for a while, we’ve all been too busy/injured/ill for the last few weeks. Tonight was also my first speed work session for a while (*slaps self on the wrist*) and I really felt the lack of training! We did 8 x 400m with a mile warm up and cool down, giving a total of around 4.5 miles. My first one was a bit too fast and towards the end of the lap I could feel myself slowing, but I managed to keep the paces fairly consistent. I haven’t quite figured out how to view laps on my watch properly yet so can’t be sure on my timings for each! It was good to be back to speed work training – I’ll need it if I have any hope of getting close to my half marathon PB of 1:49:34.

IMG_20150221_134544 IMAG1985_1

Of course I had to have some post-run pancakes, it being pancake day and all! Oh and I also featured in Nicola Joyce (aka the Fit Writer)’s healthy pancake day recipe blog, here.


Wednesday – Rest day.

Thursday – Yoga 6am. This was my first one for a couple of weeks as the last two had been cancelled due to low attendance. Today there were a few of us though and we did some “weird and wonderful” binds, as well as lots of hip mobility. Paul, as always, was great and had us laughing. Deborah got herself into a headstand from a wide-leg forward bend (wow) but then got her head stuck. I always love our yoga classes!

Amba Hotels City of London Mile launch event 6:30pm. I was lucky to be invited to attend the launch event for the 2nd annual City of London Mile, sponsored by Amba Hotels. I’ll be writing up about this on the blog this week so keep checking back! I had planned on joining in a mile challenge as part of the event, but somehow managed to talk myself out of this during the course of the day, so instead I held the fort and chatted with friends. I will, however, be taking part in the race itself, which is free to enter and now open for registration – sign up for the only 1 mile race in London!


The beautiful Amba Hotel, Charing Cross.

Friday – CrossFit 6am. After warming up and mobility we got on to a tough push press 8 minute EMOM. Each minute we had to power clean the bar up and then do max unbroken push press at 50% 1RM. My new 1RM is 57.5kg so I rounded up and I went to 30kg. In the first minute I felt like I could keep on going and going but then I realised I only had 10 seconds left to rest and then struggled for each of the next minutes! I managed a total of 75 reps.

Then we moved on to a 6 minute EMOM of strict ring l-sit pull ups. Starting seated on the floor holding onto rings above us with outstretched arms we had to pull ourselves up until the rings were at chest height and then lower back down, all while keeping our legs out at 90 degrees. I only managed 1-2 reps each round, for a total of 11 reps. We then finished with a team 10 min AMRAP with one person working at a time:

10 calorie row

10 burpee bar touch

10 sit ups

I worked with Deborah and we got out 6 rounds and 14 reps. After class we recreated Food & Lycra’s star headstand pose, lots of giggles!


Saturday – Weightlifting Club 10am. This was my first session back since the weightlifting competition and I was keen to get training so I could “get back on the horse”, so to speak. The programme was:

Snatch complex of 5 high pulls, 5 hang snatches, 5 overhead squats, 5 snatch balances (all together equals 1 rep) x 3 @ 60-70% of snatch 1RM. I worked at 27.5kg and holy shit was this hard! Each round brought me to a panting, quivering mess but I managed to work through all rounds only dropping the bar twice.

4 x 4 snatch pulls @ 100% of snatch 1RM, which for me is 40kg.

4 x 3 double clean, single jerk @ 75%. I worked at 45kg, 75% of my new 1RM. This was really hard and my jerks were very messy. I need to jump my legs out further and dip more into my back leg, but each time I tried this I kept losing my balance and ending up recovering by lunging forwards to stand up, whereas you’re supposed to recover your front leg back in order to demonstrate control in the jerk. Something to work on for sure.

5 x 5 back squat @ 70%. I worked at 52.5kg and managed to get some pretty good depth out of my squats.

Run 12pm. After getting back from weightlifting I decided to make up for my lack of running in the last two days with a 2.5 mile leg turner in my new Nike Flex 2014 trainers kindly given to me to try by Debenhams. The trainers were really comfy and allowed my feet a lot more natural movement that most rigid soles give. One of them was slightly tight so I think I’ll only wear these for fitness classes or short runs, but they are definitely super comfortable and free-moving.

I think part of my problem with getting all of my runs done is I’m a pretty black or white person. By this I mean that I either do the scheduled activity, or I do nothing – there is no in-between And I seem to have this attitude with a lot of things. I think it’s the perfectionist nature in me. But after reading Stephanie’s guest post on Laureen’s blog about a flexible approach to training for a race, I’ve decided to find ways to be grey. If I don’t have time for a planned session, or it just doesn’t fit with my week, why can’t I just do whatever run it is that takes my fancy? Surely an easy couple of miles is better than nothing at all?

Sunday – Runday! Brighton Half Marathon. I decided a bit last-minute to do this race, but it’s where I did my marathon three years ago and I thought it would be really nice to go back and run part of the same course again in the half. I picked Elle up on the way down (super early in the morning!) and we met up with Bethan before the race. The girls were planning to run at 10 min/mile pace for a 2hr 10min marathon PB for Elle. I decided to run with them as I wanted to treat this as a fun race and really wanted the company. Amazingly, from the first mile we managed to keep up with an average 9:18 min/mile, bringing us in over the line in 2hrs 1min and 33 seconds… an amazing 20 minutes off of Elle’s PB, and 30 seconds off of Bethan’s too (well done Elle and Bethan!).

It was such a nice race (I’ll put a full report up soon), and I had a lovely time running with Elle and Bethan (thanks ladies!). Elle and I celebrated with post-race fish and chips… yum. And to top off an awesome day, I got back to a nice hot bath, coffee and mini eggs all prepared for me by my fiance (lucky girl indeed). My Activ Bod body wash products were the perfect way to relax after a long run.

Mileage Tracker

Weekly Miles: 20 miles (my highest weekly mileage of the year so far!)

Running Total: 95 miles

2015 Fitness Goals Progress

Goal Target/Date Progress
Running Twice per week On track
Inversions Unsupported hand/handstand (end Q1) Both against a wall; can hold headstand unsupported once up there!
Pullups 5 strict (end Q2) 2 underhand grip
Squat Depth Below parallel (end Q4) Air squat 3/4 depth
Clean & Jerk Body weight (end Q4) 60/72.5kg… slowly creeping up!
Snatch 2/3 body weight 40/47.5kg
Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley


  1. 23rd February 2015 / 6:27 pm

    Welcome to the grey area!

    • Georgina
      23rd February 2015 / 6:31 pm

      Thanks Laureen! It’s fun on the not-so-dark side 😉

  2. 24th February 2015 / 11:42 am

    Well done on your race! I love your goal tracking table. Always good to track specific goals. I need to set and keep specific weight lifting goals as I have gone totally off track. For now though it’s just getting back ON track.

    • Georgina
      25th February 2015 / 10:49 pm

      Thank you! Glad you like the table too – it’s definitely helping me keep my goals at the forefront. Getting back on track is a great goal, even if you just set a number of weightlifting sessions to achieve by a set date. Good luck and enjoy!

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