2015 Training Diary – Week 9

2015 Training Diary – Week 9
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I haven’t run this week… at all. Since Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday I’ve just not felt like it, and I’ve had a small niggle in my achilles (which has given me grief before) so I wanted to give it a good rest.

I signed up for Jantastic this year, after first doing it a few years ago, and they have “joker cards” which you can use to make up for a lack of running for one week of each month (Jan-Mar), say for example if you catch flu, or if you have an enforced rest through a niggle. So if I can use a joker card for Jantastic, why can’t I use one for my New Year’s Resolutions?

Week 9: 23rd February to 1st March 2015

Monday – Weightlifting Club 6pm. Wanting to keep the momentum after the comp a couple of weeks ago I booked in for weightlifting club to continue the programme. It’s a real toughy; Lee has us working at relatively low percentages as a sort of de-load after the comp, but the reps are strung together like you wouldn’t believe in complexes. We cycle between two days of training in the programme, one more snatch oriented day, and the other focusing more on the clean and jerk movements. I was on the clean and jerk day today.

{5 x stiff leg deadlift, 5 x hang clean, 5 x front lunge, 5 x power jerk, 5 x push press, 5 x good mornings, 5 x back squat} x 2 at 40% 1RM clean and jerk. I worked at 25kg and this was really hard. I’m talking sweat-dripping, panting hard.

3 position clean (1 x above knee, 1 x below knee, 1 x from floor) then single split jerk x 5 at 70% 1Rm. Working weight for me was 42.5kg. This really challenges you to “finish your pull” and “get under the bar”; both things that you’ll hear coaches (like Giles Greenwood!) shout all the time.

Double power jerk, single split jerk, 4 x 3 at 75% 1RM. My working weight was 45kg but after the second time through in the first set I dropped the bar and knew this would be a struggle. Power jerk is a tricky one for me with my ankle mobility, and my split jerk technique was looking a little off. Annie came over and gave me some pointers and I dropped the weight to 35kg to finish the set with technique work. This is where good coaching comes in and really makes the difference.

Front squat 3 x 8 at 65-70% 1RM. I worked at 50kg. Annie told me she was surprised to see me squatting, but my legs felt surprisingly ok!

Tuesday – CrossFit 6am. This morning was pretty hard, we had a mini WOD, then some OH squat practice and the proper WOD. First up we warmed up to a 75% snatch for the skill WOD, which was 5 rounds of 3 x snatches at 75%, followed by max burpees over the bar. For some weird reason I prefer burpees over bar to ordinary burpees, but that doesn’t make them any less painful – in fact, the hardest part is the jump over the bar each time. I managed 53 burpees in total.


Next, we worked up to a solid overhead squat for the WOD. Because of my limited mobility I knew I wouldn’t be able to RX, so I stuck with 20kg for the WOD, with a wallball resting on plates behind me so I could check my depth each time. The WOD was 21-15-9 of:

Overhead squat


I still haven’t quite got unassisted pullups consistently so I stuck with supine ring rows for the first two rounds, and then jumped on the rig to try and finish off my round of 9 with pullups. My chin doesn’t always get over the bar, so in a comp I’d be no-repped, but if I don’t put the effort in to practice then I’ll never get there. I finished in 7:40.

Wednesday – Rest day. I had booked in for CrossFit, but woke up feeling really tired and had a headache so cancelled and took the day to rest.

Thursday – Rest day. Today Darren and I were off to meet with our wedding venue events team, and to look at honeymoons for the first time. The venue meeting was really productive and I think we both felt a lot better about everything and that we’ve finally got some of the main details organised. The honeymoon part of the day was a bit more scary… I don’t think we’d quite appreciated just how much it costs to go to the parts of the world we were looking at. This will need some thought for sure! We went to see Cats in the evening with Darren’s parents, it was Darren’s mum’s birthday so she’d kindly treated us to the tickets. I’ve always wanted to see it and you’ve got to be in awe of how the cast move about the stage. It definitely inspired me to work more on my mobility!

Friday – Rest day. Another busy day; Darren’s parents had booked a surprise day out in London for us all to continue the celebrations for his mum’s big birthday.

Saturday – CrossFit Open WOD 10:30am. I had planned to do the first CrossFit Games Open WOD on Friday morning, but with such a late night on Thursday I decided to do it today instead. Before I started, Laura and Tina and I had decided to try another acro pose, after recreating the headstand star last week. This one was perhaps a little more ambitious, and we needed an extra hand to get in and out of it, but it came out really well! Let me know if you recreate it (tag me on Instagram @fitcetera).


So, in case you don’t already know, 15.1 was a 9 minute AMRAP of:

15 toes to bar

10 deadlifts (35kg)

5 snatches (35kg)

Followed by 15.1a, which was 6 minutes to establish:

1RM clean and jerk

I was worried about the snatches, because my 1RM is 40kg so 35kg for reps is quite heavy for me, but it was actually the toes to bar that gave me the most grief. I kept having to jump down from the bar after the first round as my grip started to weaken and I got more and more out of breath. Eventually I managed to get 2 full rounds and 5 reps out.

Then it was on to the clean and jerk. I started at 45kg, knowing I could quite comfortably get that overhead. Then 50kg, then 55kg. I went up to 57.5kg, which was 2.5kg underneath my 1RM and managed to get it up onto front rack and then overhead. But I still had a minute to go… I said it would be a miracle if I got 60kg (an equal PB), but I gave it a go anyway. I got the bar up to my shoulders but didn’t quite get my elbows under quickly enough and dropped it. That was it. But I was super happy with 57.5, I’d secretly hoped for somewhere around 55kg so I’d exceeded my expectations, and in all honesty, I was just happy to RX the first part!

I think I burned off my protein packed breakfast… though I could have easily eaten it all over again!


Sunday – British Military Fitness 10:30am. I was invited to join in a taster class at the original home to British Military Fitness, Hyde Park. I’ve never really done military style training, but it was great fun. The instructors (a mixture of marine, navy and army) got us working together as a team without even realising it, and really put us to the test crawling through mud, doing pushups off of benches, and isometric exercises while a partner did repetitions. Look out for my full write up of the experience soon, including a core strength sequence you can do at home to really develop a strong midsection.


Yoga 5pm. I haven’t been able to get to yoga this week so decided to pull the mat out at home and use my yoga deck*, now that I’m more confident to transition between moves and know roughly what I’m doing! After a 30 minute sequence I did some TRX pikes and practiced my pike into headstand. Check out my Instagram or Facebook pages for videos!

Mileage Tracker

Weekly Miles: 0 miles… yup, zero.

Running Total: 95 miles

2015 Fitness Goals Progress

Goal Target/Date Progress
Running Twice per week On track (one joker used!)
Inversions Unsupported hand/handstand (end Q1) Both against a wall; can hold headstand unsupported once up there!
Pullups 5 strict (end Q2) 2 underhand grip
Squat Depth Below parallel (end Q4) Air squat 3/4 depth
Clean & Jerk Body weight (end Q4) 60/72.5kg… slowly creeping up!
Snatch 2/3 body weight 40/47.5kg

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