A Bit Of Foolish Fun

A Bit Of Foolish Fun
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Ah good old April Fool’s Day. You’ve gotta love it. A day when at least half of your female Facebook friends will announce a pregnancy. I myself shared an April Fool’s prank last year which I’m sure a few of you fell for! Some of the biggest brands in health and fitness have also stepped it up this year with some fantastic April Fool’s jokes. Here are some of my favourites…

Last year MyProtein packaged up a great new “Protein Beer” (photo from my Instagram page)…



MyProtein’s Gym Dates

But this year they decided to tug at some heart strings with their new Gym Dates promotion, helping you to “Find Your Perfect Training Parner”.


Ashmei’s Darts Clothing Line

Luxury fitness clothing brand Ashmei revealed their new Darts range with this stunning black darts shirt design:


Marmite’s Latest Doughy Offering

Marmite announced “Doughmites”, doughnuts oozing with Marmite:


Though I wanna throw it out there that this idea could inspire a Pizza Express doughball/Marmite dunking frenzy… mmm.

Nakd’s Beans On Toast Bar

Nakd Wholefoods introduced their “Beans on Toast” flavour bar following extensive focus group sessions:


For Goodness Shakes’ ProteinAir

For Goodness Shakes revealed “PROTEINAIR” a canister and diffuser that deliver protein bound to oxygen as an inhalable gas… certainly gets into the bloodstream quickly!


Vivobarefoot 4-Fingers

Vivobarefoot showed designs for their latest “Vivo4Fingers” based on tight shoes causing the evolution of our feet to result in no pinky toe… eww!


Perhaps this one was also a little dig at Vibrams…?

Virgin Active’s Bum Clencher

Virgin Active announced “Smarty Pants”, a new design of underwear that counts butt clenches in an effort to help you achieve a “bum like Beckham”… the perfect bum selfie, or “belfie”, posterior.

Please call on +44 (0)7973 263135

Tribesports’ Muscle Legs

Tribesports shared their latest leggings which you can adjust to give you the perfect muscular legs…


oomf’s Bacon and Egg Porridge

And oomf Skinny Oats introduced their latest flavour instant porridge… bacon & egg. They’ve gone all Heston Blumenthal on us!


Did you spot any other health and fitness related April Fool’s day jokes or pranks? Or were you fooled by any of the above? Please feel free to share them below, or via my Twitter or Facebook. As always, I love to hear from you!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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