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Bitch Boxing – Claws in… gloves on!

Bitch Boxing – Claws in… gloves on!

Gymbox_Lisa_Boxing_03_low_resLadies, pay attention: Bitch Boxing is a tough, explosive, full body workout, and it’s just for the girls. Taking advantage of Gym Box’s purpose built ring, punching bags and sparring space, the floor space is perfect for an atmospheric introduction into the boxing world.

Unlike most boxing fitness classes which usually focus on high intensity over form and technique, Bitch Boxing is very technical. The difference in intensity you feel when performing an exercise correctly is astounding, and as a result the class needs no frills. Just pure, unadulterated boxing.

Wanting to get a taste of one of GymBox’s signature classes I signed up for the Tuesday class held at Farringdon. The fantastic Lisa Moore was on hand ready to give us a challenging boxing workout.


The fantastic Lisa Moore, Bitch Boxing instructor.

Following a circuit style warm up in the boxing ring, including some mobility exercises for the neck, shoulders and hips, we hit the bags for some a Tabata workout of jogging punches, burpees and squat jumps. Next up was the technique section. First up we stayed on the bags to perfect our jabs and crosses. Lisa checked our form throughout, making sure we were twisting from the hips, pivoting on our back foot, and keeping our guard up.

Once Lisa was sure we had our punches solid, she got us sparring in pairs. We started with jabs and crosses, with the partner holding their gloves up like pads. Next we were taught the art of slipping. This defence move requires the fighter to bend at the knees and twist to dodge an incoming punch. To help make it more realistic for us, Lisa suggested that those who were comfortable went for a slightly more full contact approach, with our partner aiming for our forehead as we slipped to avoid the blow. Harder than it sounds, the slip was a move that needed a lot of practice but we soon all got into the routine and built it into our combination of jab, cross, slip, cross.


45 minutes in I was really feeling the work in my arms, and my poor partner’s glove was dripping with sweat whenever she made contact!

The final move that was introduced to us was the hook; while our partner threw a left hook we had to circle under their arm, bending at the knees in order to get low enough to avoid the punch. Straight away upon our return to standing we had to throw a cross.

With a full combination of six moves in hand, we were bobbing and weaving our way through the routine to the end. Lisa finished the class with a repeat of the circuit warm up as a cool down, and then threw in a plank competition for good measure, even sitting on the final two players’ bums to decide a winner!

Bitch Boxing is a sure-fire way to bring variety, excitement and a new challenge to your training. Working on confidence, proprioception and skill, the technique driven workout is fantastic for overall conditioning towards a strong, healthy body and focused mind. Lisa is dynamic and professional, bringing a sense of experience to her training style. She encouraged everyone in the class to work hard and give their all while maintaining a fun atmosphere.

For your chance to try this anything but girly workout for yourself, head down to Farringdon Gym Box Tuesdays at 7:00pm or Bank Gym Box Wednesdays at 6:15pm. Bring your own gloves/mitts. Warning: manicures may suffer!


Photographs courtesy of Vesna Nikolic

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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