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adidas #EnergyRunning Ultra Boost
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One ordinary weekday, checking my emails, a message stood out from the screen: “adidas #energyrunning event”. adidas have long been my favourite running clothing and shoes brand, with their Boston shoe carrying me round my fastest distance runs in marathon training, so of course I was excited to find out more. I RSVPd and just a week later received my “ticket” to the event, in the form of head-to-toe three stripe glory, including the much-revered Ultra Boost trainers!

The Event

Kitted out, I made my way to the meeting place, a south London bar, and said hello to some familiar faces from the world of fitness journalism and blogging – I’m still so flattered and grateful for being invited! Everyone was hyped and excitedly anticipating what was in store for us – all we knew was that we were all very colour coordinated!

From there we were split into four teams and told that we would be heading to a secret location to complete secret challenges, all to win a (you guessed it!) secret prize. Off we ran, staggered group by group, each led by an adidas rep. I was a little worried about running, with this being my first proper run since injury, but the Ultra Boost trainers provided so much cushioning that any fear of impact on my newly-healed bone quickly dissipated.

About a mile in, as we rounded a corner, one member of our team recognised where we were headed… to the multi-storey car park that is home to Frank’s Rooftop Bar in the summer. When we got to the first level we were greeted with an amazing adidas #energyrunning playground – home to our secret challenges for the next hour.

adidas #EnergyRunning Ultra Boost

adidas #EnergyRunning Ultra Boost

adidas #EnergyRunning Ultra Boost

The Challenges

Level One: CHARGE

Footballer John Swift introduced us to a unique agility challenge all about fast footwork. We were challenged to get from one end of the venue to the other, all while avoiding roaming spotlights. If we were tagged by a spotlight, we were sent straight back to the start of the level. The aim of the game was to complete as many reps of the level (without being tagged!) as a team as we could within a seven minute timecap.

Level Two: CIRCUIT

At level two, we met sprinter Jodie Williams, who showed us our next challenge – a UV lit energy obstacle course. A test of endurance and stamina, we took on the circuit of tires, hurdles and slalom poles as many times as possible in a ten minute time window, all to the cheer of our team mates.

Level Three: SURGE

On the third floor, we found sprinter Ojie Edoburun, who led us through Surge, an uphill 40m sprint challenge. Each of our team took it in turns to run and our speed, running technique, efficiency and power were all put to the test. Ojie watched us run and gave us tips on how to improve for our second attempt, which was recorded to add to our team score.

After this, we took part in a photoshoot with our teams with the incredible views of London as our backdrop.

Level Four: UNPLUG

Personal trainers from 1Rebel were with each of our teams throughout and on the final level of the event they led a warm down session for us to finish the running experience. We were also greeted with juices by the Social Pantry – a welcome end to our challenge.

adidas Ultra Boost Trainers, Response Tights and Primeknit Tee

adidas #EnergyRunning Ultra Boost

The Winners

When we returned to the bar to wait for the results there was prosecco, coconut water cocktails from Lovo, and delicious finger food waiting for us – I wish every run could end like this! The prize was announced – a trip to the adidas box at Chelsea – and the winners confirmed… unfortunately not us (we came in third!). The winners rejoiced and the chatter continued until it was time to go home.

Thank you so much to adidas for the lovely kit and such a brilliant experience!

The #EnergyRunning Movement

The #EnergyRunning experience is a new sports-driven social movement, led by adidas running. The movement is based on rejecting the ordinary and embracing the new – new routes, styles, distances, or people – to mix it up and keep every run energised.

So, rather than running the same old routes, why not make your run an adventure and use the environment around you to create your very own #EnergyRunning playground? Get your running shoes on (adidas Ultra Boosts, of course!) and have fun!

Join the adidas Energy Running movement by following @adidasuk on Twitter or Instagram using #EnergyRunning and at facebook.com/adidasrunning.

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Photos by adidas.

Disclaimer – I was given complimentary kit by adidas for this event. As always, all opinions are my own and not affected by items gifted to me.

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley


  1. 25th November 2015 / 11:37 am

    Looked like an epic evening! Great read & I’m shopping the post now!!

    • Georgina Spenceley
      3rd December 2015 / 10:27 am

      Thanks Dani! Oooh, what did you buy?!

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