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Get your Fitness Freak-in' Rave on!

Get your Fitness Freak-in' Rave on!
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Fitness Freak RaveUV lights, 90s disco beats, fluorescent clothing, glowsticks and a whole heap of fun. All the things the Fitness Freak Rave, in association with TimeOut Live, had to offer!

When I heard about the event I knew I had to go, so I teamed up with my partners in dance-floor crime, Caroline and Emma, and we hit the vaults at Waterloo armed with our very best disco lycra.

As we arrived we were given glowsticks and we headed through to the awesome underground venue. The lights dimmed, music started and the atmosphere was buzzing. Led by Loren Barclay and Shara Tochia (founder of Fitness Freak) the warm up started and we were soon pumping our glowsticks in time to the beats.

Caroline, myself and Emma ready to rave!

With music from Strike, the Prodigy, N-Trance and much more, it was easy to get into the party mood. The choreography was easy to follow, with armography, jumping and kicking, a toning section with lunges and side bends. The classic “big-fish little fish” move was also thrown in, and Loren even had us doing our best Carlton!

Our fellow ravers, armed with glowsticks in full swing.

By the end of the rave there can’t have been a dry fluoro-lycra top in the room, and I’d burned over 450 calories without even realising it! Leaving the vaults, we were buzzing, so much so that I didn’t even care that I was getting strange looks from the late-evening London commuters in my disco get-up.

Fitness Freak’s special Rave classes are available for booking at London’s Bank branch of the fantastic GymBox gym for a limited time only. To book yours head to Fitness Freak.

Fitness Freak is the first online fitness directory, where you can find the very best gyms and classes all in one place. With a direct booking system, it gives you access to a huge range of fitness classes across London from yoga and power plates, to free running and spin classes, without the need for hefty memberships.

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley


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