Getting to Know the #GirlGains

Getting to Know the #GirlGains
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A few weeks ago I headed over to Third Space Canary Wharf (formerly the Reebok Sports Club) to attend quite possibly the most exciting #GirlGains event yet. The event, powered by Protein Pow, was centred around body confidence, self-love and empowerment and oh my word did it deliver. I came away armed with tools to learn to accept and appreciate myself more and, as a bonus, some tricks for how to make the most delicious protein bars!

If you want to know more about the #GirlPow event and learn some brilliant take-away tips on how to love yourself (in a totally non-arrogant way!), keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook pages for a blog post on that in the very near future.

But, for now…

What Is The #GirlGains?

#GirlGains started out as a hashtag on social media, used to connect women who share a love of health, fitness and nutrition. Women would use the hashtag on their social posts, primarily on Instagram, but also on Facebook and Twitter. From there the community grew exponentially and the girls who started it decided to take the movement one step further and launched their first event.

Now with monthly events, ranging from intimate gatherings to larger events with over 100 attendees, the #GirlGains name is making gains of its own, being snapped up for partnerships with huge brands such as Reebok, Wheyhey, VitaCoco, Misfit and Active in Style.

While the main focus remains to be encouraging and inspiring women to be healthy and active, the #GirlGains movement also aims to challenge issues around body confidence and self-esteem to bring women the potential for increased happiness, positivity, self-low, confidence and ambition. Sounds good huh?!

Who Are The #GirlGains?

I grabbed a few minutes with the girls after the #GirlPow event to play a special #GirlGains edition of the Mr & Mrs paddle round to get to know them a bit better, but before that, here’s a little about each of them and why they put their time and energy into forging the #GirlGains community.


Zanna Van Dijk - GirlGains

Photo from the #GirlGains website

At 23 years old, Zanna has already achieved so much in the fitness industry, and in life in general. A first class honours graduate, Zanna was about to embark on a masters in sports nutrition when London took hold of her and she turned her life upside down to progress, instead, with a career as a personal trainer, fitness model and blogger/vlogger.

The 6ft 2” Dutch beauty first got into fitness at university, transforming from super slim but unfit to a strong, athletic physique. Zanna always says she hasn’t gone through a dramatic transformation, but I beg to differ – packing on muscle to long, lean limbs when you’re naturally an ectomorph is no mean feat, and the before and after photos speak for themselves.

Zanna has learned the hard way, through trial and error, what works for her, and she shares her experience and advice through her extremely successful social media channels and blog.

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Tally Rye - GirlGains

Photo from the #GirlGains website

The oldest member of the #GirlGains, Tally, 25, comes from a background of musical theatre. Discovering fitness and nutrition first as an aid to her musical theatre training, Tally soon found a passion for helping people lead a healthy lifestyle and decided to pursue that as a career instead. Her very successful Secret HIIT Club classes help her reach a bigger audience, sharing that enthusiasm to train with as many people as possible.

Tally went from an overweight teen to a macro-obsessed social-phobe, but, with the help of friends, soon found a balance and now appreciates more than ever the importance of being healthy in mind as well as body. She kicks ass in the gym every day, sharing her workouts and healthy food creations on Instagram and snapchat.

Quite possibly one of the most bubbly and enthusiastic people I’ve met, Tally is truly passionate about helping women become fitter, more confident and healthy.

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Victoria Spence - GirlGains

Photo from the #GirlGains website

Mancunian Vic is the youngest of the group, but definitely doesn’t shy away. With a strong athletic history throughout her childhood she eventually settled into dance and went to a specialist college to train professionally as a commercial dancer. It was here that Vic developed anorexia nervosa, after pressures to achieve perfection along with an ingrained judgement of her own body became too much. She ran 10k daily, alongside her intensive dance training, to “make up” for the little food she was allowing herself, before eventually being forced to take time away from college to recover.

After 6 months of battling, Vic came to the realisation that she was going to have to overcome her eating disorder, or risk her life trying to chase the ever-moving goal post of perfection.

Vic now leads a healthy lifestyle of sensible training and nutrition, and even competes in bikini competitions, placing 1st in regional qualifiers, and 5th in the British finals. Aside from competing, Vic works as a personal trainer, motivating and inspiring women to achieve their goals in a sustainable and healthy way.

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#GirlGains Mr & Mrs

Watch our fun video of the special #GirlGains edition of the Mr & Mrs paddle round. I promised to donate £2 for every correctly matched answer to the charity supported by the girls’ latest event, b-eat. See how many answers they matched on, and find out some of the more obscure facts about the girls, by watching the video below:

Thanks to Anna Sward from Protein Pow for the fab drawings of the girls, which I stuck onto homemade paddles for the game!

Keeping Up with The #GirlGains

If you want to be the latest to hear about #GirlGains events, make sure you follow the girls on their social media channels. The #GirlGains also has its own social media channels, which you can find below, as well as the website to look through past events and learn more about the girls. But if all else fails, just search #GirlGains on social media!

This was my first event – I’d met Zanna and Tally before at other blog events and supper clubs, etc. but even then, you’ll always feel welcome and like you’ve known them for ages the minute you step into one of their events.

I hope the girls continue to spread the positive messages they’re spreading, and I hope to be a part of some of their future events too!

#GirlGains social links:




Have you been to a #GirlGains event? What did you take away from it?

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Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley


  1. 18th April 2016 / 4:02 pm

    Such a fab post and great video. Good to see how friendships made over social media and blogging can blossom into something more. I wish I was as motivated at their age! x

    • Georgina Spenceley
      18th April 2016 / 4:52 pm

      Thanks so much Ali! I wish I was too – they know now what it took me many, many years of adult life to learn! They are so clued up and genuinely passionate about the industry and “doing it right” x

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