GymBox: Frame Fitness

GymBox: Frame Fitness
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Alex demonstrates a full-on burpee

Frame Fitness is GymBox’s answer to the CrossFit buzz ringing in everyone’s ears. Combining the key elements for fitness – pulling, pushing, climbing and lifting, all using specialised indoor training frames – Frame Fitness is a playground for training techniques that not only build strength, but train skill as well.

Fitness classes, for me, have always been about working hard, group atmosphere, and doing something you wouldn’t normally do when creating your own workout, and GymBox’s Frame Fitness ticks all three boxes with ease. Having an instructor there to give you a nudge when you’re slacking, and advise on technique when you get a bit sloppy, and having other people taking part in the gruelling workout who you can pull “I’m going to die” faces at is all part of the appeal of group fitness.

I booked in to try this class at the Bank GymBox, residing in the vaults of the old Lloyds Bank head office. The class was taken by Alex, who was motivating throughout and gave clear instructions and super-charged demos for all the moves. We started the class with some mobility warm-up exercises including crawling hamstring stretches, walking crabs and “opening” and “closing the gate”.


The main workout was split into two halves; the first half was 10 x 1 minute rounds within which we had to complete 10 air squats and 15 sit-ups – the quicker we completed our exercises, the more rest we had between sets.

The second half of the workout was 25 minutes of 5 pull-ups, 10 kettlebell swings or sandbag slams, and 15 burpees repeated as many times as possible. We got into groups of three, completing a little circuit of the moves between us. Each move was scaleable, with an option to use resistance bands to aid pull-ups, and different kettlebell and sandbag weights available, so no-one felt out of their depth.

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By the end of the class I was completely spent and sweating beyond belief! The 45 minutes had flown by and felt like I had had a really good workout. Frame Fitness would be perfect for anyone looking to get a real blitz workout in a short space of time, and is great to shake up that dull gym rut we can all-too-easily find ourselves stuck in.


Post-workout “glow”…

Check out to find a Frame Fitness or Frame WOD class at your favourite GymBox.


Photos by Vesna Nikolic

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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