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London Marathon Training Diary – Week 2

London Marathon Training Diary – Week 2
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So, the second week of training… I definitely didn’t run as much this week as I’d planned to… but with a mid-week accidental PB and a CrossFit competition at the end of the week it was probably good to have a bit of a quieter week of running.

I haven’t done anywhere near enough fundraising though and, with a place at the London Landmarks Half Marathon now also secured with the Royal British Legion, I have a grand total of £2,350 to raise. I have a loose plan of how I’ll get there, but the time to put it all into action is another story. In the meantime, I’m extremely grateful for any donations you can make to help me along the way. If you do want to donate, you can do so here: George Does VLM.

Anyway, here’s my training diary for week 2…

VLM Minus 15 Weeks


Rest day


Rest day – I was supposed to be doing 5 miles easy (RPE 6), but my ITB was still painful from Sunday’s 9 miles. Since having inflammation of the bone underneath where my ITB connects at the knee after Ragnar Relay I’ve been a bit paranoid about it flaring up again so decided to take the extra rest ahead of tomorrow’s 10k RunThrough race instead.


RunThrough Chase the Moon 10k. Kerry told me to try to take it easy for the race – he had about 52 minutes in mind for me based on my PB of 49:15, but around halfway through the race I realised I’d been consistently running at around 7:30-7:40 minute/mile and decided to try and keep it up for a new PB. I crossed the finish line at 46:25, a nearly 3 minute PB and was super happy! Celebratory Nando’s most definitely earned, but…

Kerry’s punishment to me for going too fast? He devised a penalty system:

I’ll now be tracking my penalty peanut butter cups at the bottom of my training diary!


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I’d arranged to join Shellie, Louise, Amy, Sophie, Becca and Lizzie for a bit of bouldering fun at The Arch Climbing Wall in Bermondsey. It was such a lovely evening – climbing, laughing, supporting each other and pushing ourselves to our limits. Sadly, Lizzie picked up an injury towards the end of the evening and had to cut her climb short, but the way everyone pulled together to help her just showed what a community we’ve built through the simple act of documenting our training on Instagram! Hope you have a speedy recovery Lizzie.


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Rest day – with my CrossFit pairs competition with Nic up in Manchester tomorrow, I took a half day from work to make the long drive up north.


Today was the M-Squared FeMale same sex pairs CrossFit competition. I’d signed up with Nic during a drunken night out back in October/November time and today was the day that we took on the workouts along with dream-team Lisa and Lucy. We had so much fun with three ace workouts:


12 minute time cap to complete:

40 calorie row

10 down ups

40 box jump overs

10 down ups

40 snatches (35kg)

10 down ups

40 toes to bar

WOD 2a

9 minutes to find a max clean complex of:

Clean, hang clean and front squat

1 minute rest, then

WOD 2b

3 minutes to do:

AMRAP hang clean and jerk, at a weight of your choice

As a pair you weren’t allowed to put the bar down at all in the 3 minutes, or your rep count would be reset to zero.



Thrusters (30kg)

Burpees over the bar

Despite me messing up a couple of times in the first workout, we were so happy to finish in the top 10 out of 24 athlete teams in the RX category. Nic and I are also signed up as a team for the Inferno pairs series at Lee Valley over the Easter Weekend and I can’t wait to team up again – I genuinely think we worked really well together!


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After signing up to take part in the Battle of Britain qualifiers, I had to submit my first workout score. I was aching from yesterday’s competition, but I needed to get this done…

WOD 1 – Welcome to the Suck

4 rounds of:

12 wall balls (6kg)

10 deadlifts (70kg)

8 handstand pushups

6 hang snatches (35kg)

All within a 15 minute time-cap. Sadly I reached the time-cap with 5 handstand pushups and 6 hang snatches to go, but I was really proud of my performance – especially with having not done HSPUs from the floor for a VERY long time.


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In the evening I had to fit in my long run for the week – a 10 mile run at 8:45 min/mile pace, which I managed to stick to pretty bang on, avoiding any further penalty peanut butter cups! It was a late run, and along the river towpath too, which meant wearing my Silva headtorch – that thing is seriously awesome, lighting up the path so well in-front of my that I still felt pretty comfortable running at a relatively fast pace.


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Training by Numbers

Miles run: 16.2

Medals earned: 1

Times nearly pissed myself: 0

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Count: 5

Fundraising total so far: £395

Follow me on Strava to see my training progress in more detail, and check out my Instagram for more training updates – including my stories where I document even more of my training, diet and general life!

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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