Lunges and Lycra Social Mania

Lunges and Lycra Social Mania
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Some of the hilarious photo challenges

Sprinting round the streets of London I was anxiously looking for the right way to go when a group of men in high-vis jackets shout “This way, the rest of them went this way!” I could feel the dull ache in my calves as I accelerated to try and catch them up…

No, this isn’t a career change into the world of chasing criminals, but in fact the super fun evening playing at a Treasure Hunt with Fitness Playground at the Lunges and Lycra late summer social!

Held at the gorgeous Soho Hotel in… Soho, the girls at L&L put together a jam packed evening full of fitness games, competitions, giveaways, and delicious nosh washed down with some soft and “not so soft” drinks. Charlotte, Emma and Lorna recruited the guys from Fitness Playground to put together our entertainment for the evening and oh-my-word did they do a great job!

I’ve tried a typical Fitness Playground session before, which was also amazing amounts of fun, but the treasure hunt was something else entirely.

We were put into groups and lined up to get our war stripes applied by make-up artist to the glitziest of the glitzy… the Strictly Come Dancing cast. When we were all ready the games begun and we all rushed out of the hotel room to start our treasure hunt. Clues came via text message from the games controller (Dan from FP) and we had to communicate with him throughout the 45 minute allowance in order to complete the treasure hunt.

War Stripes

Getting my war stripes…

The first clue came while we were still trying to find our way out of the hotel, which for some reason on arrival seemed to be a very straightforward navigation but as soon as the words “competition” and “race” were spoken suddenly became a myriad of endless corridors and locked doors. Eventually the “Pink Ladies” (myself, Charlotte, Vikki and Katy) escaped and we burst out onto the streets of London in a cloud of multi-coloured Lycra.

Once out in the open the clues came streaming in, along with a link to a list of challenges we could complete to earn extra points, all the while texting our answers to the clues we were given. The scoring was based on a combination of finishing position (50 for 1st place, 45 for 2nd, and so on until 5th place), photo challenges (including a team photo with no feet on the floor, a photo with a police officer), collect challenges (three business cards, yesterday’s newspaper etc.), and social media challenges (tweeting and Facebook posts!).

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A couple of the photo challenges and the egg & spoon relay

The challenge had us running from Soho to Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, to Buckingham Palace and back, and completing “that bloody egg and spoon race” (which Charlotte loved so much!), doing yoga in the street, dancing like monkeys and climbing the steps to Nelson’s Column.

Now I’m sure you’re all desperate to find out how the Pink Ladies got on, right? We were the third group back to base, bagging ourselves a respectable 40 points. We completed all six of the photo challenges at 5 points a pop, collected all three items at 5 points each. In total we racked up 95 points, coming a gracious second to Midas Touch with 100 points.

Our delicious meal provided by Honestly Healthy

Our delicious meal provided by Honestly Healthy

While Midas Touch celebrated their victory with mini trophies, we drowned our sorrows in wine and Honestly Healthy food… there were no real losers! With prizes from Yurbuds, Gym Junk, Liforme, TomTom and more on offer there were lots of smiley faces as the competitions took off, and we all came away with a lovely goody bag with treats from Sweaty Betty, Nakd Wholefoods, Smartshake and Nom Foods. Thanks so much again L&L!

Awesome goody bags!

Awesome goody bags!

About Fitness Playground

Fitness Playground is the new outdoor fitness sensation that enables Londoners to get fit, explore London and meet new people, to try one of their usual sessions (you can read a review by Lunges and Lycra here) or to find out more about other events they can put on for special occasions, like the one we did, visit You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

fitness playground

Photos courtesy of Lunges & Lycra.

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley


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