Nell McAndrew's Peak Energy: Recharged

Nell McAndrew's Peak Energy: Recharged
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Nell McAndrew Peak Energy

Nell McAndrew, model and athlete, is celebrating 10 years of fitness DVDs with a “Recharged” version of her very first DVD: Peak Energy.

Having been a fan of her DVDs since her debut release, I was excited to try out the new edition.

Nell, who has recently given birth to her second child, has long been into her fitness and has excelled at running, with a personal best marathon time of 2:54:39 in the 2012 London Marathon. She has kept up a good base of exercise throughout both of her pregnancies, something she has faced criticism for in the past.


Peak Energy: Recharged was release in December 2012, and is a fun and energetic full body workout. It is split into sections, with various options for participants. The warm up is around 10 minutes, followed by a 20 minute interval based cardio and leg strength routine, then comes a 20 minute more continuous cardio section with more lower body exercises. A shoulder and balance routine follows, topped off with ab work and 10 minute stretch. The whole DVD runs for around 90 minutes, but you can choose a combination of the sections depending on your time availability, and your level.

Nell McAndrew March


With a few of Nell’s previous DVDs in my selection (the original Peak Energy, as well as Ultimate Challenge, Ultimate Results, and Maximum Impact), I knew what to expect from the workout: a tough but fun routine, lots of pumping music, and a smiley and enviably slim and toned Nell. And Peak Energy: Recharged certainly did not disappoint!

The workout is led by Liam Duffy, who’s classes Nell went to for years before teaming up to release their first DVD. He follows a “no excuses” method of teaching, giving instructions throughout the high energy routines. The workout focuses on compact movements meaning you can do it anywhere.

I decided to dive into the double cardio workout, complete with isometric squats, jumping lunges, squat thrusts, knee lifts and plenty of whooping and cheering from Nell and the crew. By about 10 minutes in I was already building up a sweat, and it was a relief to see that Nell and the other fit DVD participants were also showing signs of their effort with a bit of breathlessness!

Nell McAndrew Squat

The arm routine was next; this can be performed with or without weights, and is packed with isometric exercises, holding your arms out in front of you, to the side, and above you. When you start to perform repetitions you can really feel the dull ache of the static contractions taking effect!

Nell McAndrew Core

The core section of the DVD is very challenging. There is no let up as you perform crunches, glute bridges, donkey kicks and finish off with the plank. Wow!


I would suggest that this DVD is aimed at an already-fit market. Because it is quite challenging, and very high energy, I think complete beginners may find themselves a little lost; there aren’t really any easy options other than just taking the warm up, one of the cardio sections, and a cool down. But, if you have already been exercising for a few months, and can jog for 20 minutes non-stop for example, you could certainly use this DVD, I would just recommend doing the arm section without weights to begin with!


Overall, Peak Energy: Recharged is a great workout – challenging enough for even the seasoned gym bunny, lighthearted and fun. The set and clothing is bright and colourful, with beautiful outfits put together by Sweaty Betty, Skechers, Striders Edge and more.

With this, and my other selection of Nell fitness DVDs to choose from, I certainly won’t get bored with home workouts!


You can pick up Peak Energy: Recharged from Amazon for just £10.99 right here. Amazon also stock Nell’s other fitness DVDs, so take a look and get yourself a great workout you can do at home any time. If it makes me look anything like Nell it will certainly be money well spent!

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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