The Power of Home – Thoughts From My Sofa

The Power of Home – Thoughts From My Sofa
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When my husband and I bought our first home together, the first piece of furniture we bought was our sofa. The sofa was the most important piece to us, along with our dining table; both were places for us to sit together, relax after a long day, talk, laugh and spend quality time together. We even had our first Valentine’s meal in the house (four days after moving in!) perched on our sofa, surrounded by boxes.

To celebrate their sponsorship of Team GB, DFS have been working with the team to highlight the “power of home” in rest and relaxation in the run up to the Rio Olympics. Being able to switch off and let the body and mind recover is extremely important to Olympic athletes, such as Laura Trott, who apparently likes to relax on the sofa while watching EastEnders.

But rest is also important to us more ordinary “athletes”, so I thought I’d share how I relax and recover on my sofa at home.

How I Recover at Home


My husband and I spend a lot of time together on the sofa; talking, watching films, enjoying a glass of wine (occasionally champagne!) or just doing our own thing, together. Like Laura Trott, we actually got engaged at home too – there was no place I’d rather have been in that moment than in our own home. We tend to get our most stressful conversations out of the way standing up, saving the sofa for relaxation, which also helps to keep those rant moments to a minimum!



This might be an obvious one, but you’ll often see me sitting on my sofa with my laptop out, tapping away – believe it or not, writing is relaxing for me! But, locking myself away at my desk when I get home from work means I don’t get as much time with my husband when we both already work busy jobs, so the sofa makes it easier for us to catch up while I write. I also find it easier to pull myself away when I’m in our joint living space, which helps prevent me overworking and keeps writing as a relaxation activity.



On that same Valentine’s day that we had our first sofa-meal together, my husband bought me a kindle and I’ve had the same one for over four years now. Sometimes I’ll indulge and spend an hour or so sprawled across my sofa reading, but otherwise I steal blocks of time here and there to have a read; like while our dinner is cooking. The great thing about kindles* is they remember your page so you can dip in and out of books when you have time. I love to read personal development books, but also fiction.


Colouring In

I’ve had colouring books for years now, since a close friend got one, and I remember people laughing when I first got one! Now they seem to have grown in popularity and I love that it’s more of an acceptable thing to sit with your coloured pens/pencils and relax. Colouring is great for relaxation and stress-reduction. Like The Wind (the quarterly running magazine) even have a colour-in cover for their 9th edition, which I love!



Another way I relax on my sofa is by giving myself a mani-pedi. My hands can get pretty beaten up in CrossFit, so I give them a little TLC and then paint my nails. Sports and fitness can be seen as quite masculine things to do sometimes, so I like to feel like a girl again with some nail polish every now and then… even if it does get chipped by a barbell again very quickly! I’m loving all the summer colours coming out.

The Power of Home

Home life is important to everyone, athlete or otherwise. How you choose to spend your time, and having the right support system in place, can be the key to rest and recovery that helps you always feel ready to take on the next challenge. For Laura Trott, being at home means the support of her friends and family – the power of home in its truest form.

How do you get your rest and relaxation at home? Does your sofa have any special memories for you?

As well as celebrating the power of home, DFS have also launched The Britannia, a specially designed, limited edition sofa that celebrates Team GB and provides a centre piece to British House: the home of Team GB in Rio. You can follow DFS on Twitter and Instagram.

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Georgina Spenceley

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