Yeah, She Lifts – Gemma Bailey

Yeah, She Lifts – Gemma Bailey
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In this new series on Fitcetera, I will be sharing the profiles of Ladies That Lift in an attempt to show other women that not only can girls lift weights, but they can do it well. Women often seem to have a fear of the weight room when they first start to train, whether it’s the “gun show” men that hang around, or a fear of turning into a slightly feminine Arnie, something holds them back.

But, lifting weights is a fantastic way to burn fat and build lean muscle mass (something we all want, trust me!). Not only that, weight training also helps prevent injury by strengthening connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, and it helps ward off bone loss by improving bone density.

So, get ready to feel inspired with our Ladies That Lift in “Yeah, She Lifts”.

Gemma Bailey

Gemma Bailey (Nike trainer, CrossFit coach and sponsored athlete) proves that women can lift heavy… really heavy! Gemma works hard to maintain her amazing physique, and believes in empowering women to lift and be strong, something she proved through her time teaching GymBox’s Wonder Woman workout (my first introduction to CrossFit style training!), and as a coach at CrossFit Dublin.

Gemma’s “Yeah, She Lifts” profile…

Gemma Bailey Cover

Full Name:

Gemma Bailey

Website: /




Good To Tone PT

CrossFit Box / Lifting Gym:

CrossFit Dublin / CrossFit South London

Gemma 2 Yeah


Currently Dublin, Ireland and London, UK


5ft 4″



Favourite Fitness Clothing:


Favourite Lifting Footwear:


Time Lifting:

CrossFitting for 8 months

Gemma 3 Yeah

Favourite Exercise / Sport:


Favourite Lift(s):

Clean and Squat

Lifting PBs / 1RMs:

Strict Press 50KG, Back Squat 120KG, Front Squat 100KG, Clean 70KG, bench press 70KG, Overhead Squat 60KG, Snatch 60KG, Deadlift 120KG, butterfly pull ups, handstand walk

Lifting Goals:

To increase lifts and get stronger and more efficient with them

Favourite Food:

(Silly question!!!) Bacon & Chicken

Ed: Gemma recently shared this pic on Facebook…

Most Embarrassing Fitness Moment:

I don’t really have one personally but I have witnessed a fair few. I mostly like the ones where people have holes in their shorts or leggings, great being a coach with that in front of you!

Has Gemma’s profile inspired you? Stay tuned for more lifting ladies, coming soon!

Do You Lift?

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Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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