Yeah, She Lifts – Nicola Joyce

Yeah, She Lifts – Nicola Joyce
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Next up to show you girls how it’s done is natural body builder Nicola Joyce…

Nicola Joyce

Nicola Joyce, (natural body builder and INBF Women’s Bodybuilding World Champion for 2013) trains hard and eats right in order to keep up to the standard required of her in competition. As a natural body builder, Nicola takes her nutrition and training very seriously, and is the perfect role model to living a healthy, fit life. Here, Nicola proves that women can not only lift weights, but also hold their own in physique competitions.

Nicola is also the fitness industry’s copywriter and features writer to sport and fitness magazines, and a member of the Fitness Writers’ Association.

Nicola’s “Yeah, She Lifts” profile…

Nicola Joyce

Full Name:

Nicola Joyce





The Fit Writer

CrossFit Box / Lifting Gym:

Gym Dynamix and Hi Reps both in Folkestone


Kent, UK


5ft 5″


56kgs on stage, currently 66kgs

Nicola Yeah

Taken just after winning World Title at INBF Worlds 2013 in USA. Photo by Reg Bradford.

Favourite Fitness Clothing:

I don’t have one but I do have a penchant for hats. With headphones over the top. Sometimes with a hoodie as a third head-layer….

Favourite Lifting Footwear:

Bare feet, Vibrams or good old Converse

Time Lifting:

Lifting properly since 2010 but have done some sort of sport since childhood

Favourite Exercise / Sport:

Weight training

Favourite Lift(s):

Deadlift (regular or sumo)

Lifting PBs / 1RMs:

Deadlift 140kg. Haven’t tested any other lifts for 1RM in a long time (if ever). Can squat 110kg for a few reps. Have benched 50kg for 5×5 in the past.

Ed: estimated equivalent 115kg squat and 62kg bench press 1RM

Lifting Goals:

To stay injury-free, focused and happy in my sport, and to keep on learning more about how lifting can improve my performance and physique. I am also delighted whenever I hear that I’ve inspired or motivated anyone else to lift, eat better, go to the gym or be more active in any way

Favourite Food:

I can’t choose just one, but the thing I always pack in my backstage bag (to eat ASAP after competing) is Greek yoghurt and granola. This makes me sound saintly, I promise I’m not, but those are two things I particularly miss when dieting for bodybuilding shows.

Most Embarrassing Fitness Moment:

There have been many but I can trace them all back to the Embarrassing Fart Incident (circa 1991) at secondary school. It was when we were being taught how to do the shot putt. We were all lining up to take turns, so I reckon there were 20-30 girls* to witness my “effort” (*I went to a girls school – not sure if this makes the whole thing more or less embarrassing).

Has Nicola’s profile inspired you? Let me know, and stay tuned for more lifting ladies, coming soon!

In my first Yeah, She Lifts post we met Gemma Bailey, Nike trainer, CrossFit coach and sponsored athlete. She showed us how CrossFit can shape and hone your physique and that girls CAN shift some really big weights. Check out Gemma’s profile here.

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