Yeah, She Lifts – Nikki Burton

Yeah, She Lifts – Nikki Burton
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Next up to show you girls how it’s done is CrossFit and pole enthusiast Nikki Burton…

Nikki Burton

Nikki Burton attends CrossFit sessions at her local box like clockwork. Putting in a number of sessions a week she has seen her strengths grow and skills develop. Nikki also has a passion for pole fitness, and attends classes to develop her strength, flexibility and gymnastic movements on top of her CrossFit devotion. Here, Nikki proves that women can lift like a boss in the box without developing arms like Arnie!

Nikki’s “Yeah, She Lifts” profile…

Nikki Burton Cover

Full Name:

Nikki Burton



CrossFit Box / Lifting Gym:

CrossFit Raeda

Nikki 1

Deadlifting at CrossFit Raeda


Essex, England



Favourite Fitness Clothing:


Favourite Lifting Footwear:

Soon to be Reebok Crossfit Nanos!

Time Lifting:

3 months

Favourite Exercise / Sport:

Crossfit, Pole Fitness

Nikki 2

Nikki showing off some impressive pole skills

Favourite Lift(s):

Hip Thrusters

Lifting PBs / 1RMs:

80kg dead lift, 40kg push press, 42.5kg bench press, 6 unassisted kipping pull ups

Lifting Goals:

Short term to increase all 1RM within allotted time, long term to do unassisted pull ups in all WODs that require pull ups

Favourite Food:


Most Embarrassing Fitness Moment:

The first time I fell from the top of the pole to a chorus of gasps. This has become less and less embarrassing as time has gone on as it happens more frequently!

Has Nikki’s profile inspired you? Let me know, and stay tuned for more lifting ladies, coming soon!

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Georgina Spenceley


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