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You Know You're A CrossFitter When…

You Know You're A CrossFitter When…
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CrossFit. You either love it or hate it (as explored by my article in PT Magazine). Some quirks are unique to the sport of fitness, others are crossovers from other fitness endeavours. But the combination on this list… well, I think you’ll relate if you’re a true CrossFitter.

You probably started out thinking, “this looks fun, I’ll try it out” and now I bet you can’t think of doing much else other than WOD or lift.

But just how do you know when you’re a fully fledged CrossFitter?


You have bruises on your thighs and collar bones, and grazes on your shins.

CrossFit Bruises

You consume more protein than you ever thought possible.

Lauren Fisher Meal Plan
Lauren Fisher’s Meal Plan @ltfisher12 on Instagram

You own at least one pair of Nanos or inov8s.

CrossFit Shoes
Credit: Chris McNamara

Your new favourite pastime is picking bits of skin off your hands.

Camille's Hands
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s hands after 14.2 @camillelbaz on Instagram

The only high heels you wear are lifters.

Lifting Shoes

You start conversations with “this one time, at crossfit…”


You hear “Roxanne” and instantly drop to the floor.


You’re image of “fitspiration” has changed to “strongspiration”.

Christmas Abbott

Anyone called Fran, Grace or Isabel is met with a slight dislike.


You look at something heavy and think “I could clean/deadlift/snatch that”.

I could deadlift you

Your favourites bar is filled with articles like “5 reasons why CrossFit is the best”

CrossFit iNternet

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to fit your derriere into those skinny jeans.


You are, or have considered going, Paleo.


Your wardrobe is at least two thirds Reebok or Rogue.


Rich Froning and Sam Briggs are now household names in your gaff.

CrossFit Games

You say “beast” a lot.

beast mode

You talk in abbreviations… “We did this SOB AMRAP of DU, SDHP, KBS and WB. FFS.”


The word “burpee” instils a feeling of dread, but secretly you love them.


You suddenly have a much bigger family than you ever thought you’d have.

Crossfit family
CrossFit Raeda


Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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