Your Guide to Visiting Be:Fit London – Plus My Top Tips and Must Sees!

Your Guide to Visiting Be:Fit London – Plus My Top Tips and Must Sees!
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Yesterday I went along to Be:Fit London, the hottest women’s fitness show in town! Fitness expos are always good fun; there are loads of different brands to meet, fitness classes to join in, expert talks, cooking demos, etc. But Be:Fit went one further with more of a festival feel: dedicated chill-out areas, music and a generally relaxed environment rather than the very sales-y atmosphere you can find at some events.

Another thing that Be:Fit, and actually the fitness industry as a whole, encourages is social interaction. Over my last couple of years as a fitness blogger I’ve met so many lovely and interesting people and it was brilliant to bump into them and say hi as I was exploring the show. It’s nice to know that wherever I go in fitness circles I’m bound to see a friendly face. Thanks to those I saw who helped make it such a fun day.

I’m sad that I could only go to one day of the show, but with the final day tomorrow I thought I’d share my top tips and must sees for your 2015 Be:Fit visit.

Tip #1 – Travel light

I made the mistake of taking too much stuff with me and ended up lugging a big bag around with me the whole day, which, once you’ve picked up a goodie bag and bought yourself a craptonne of Nakd bars, starts to feel really heavy! Instead, a big bag with hardly anything in it would have come in more handy as I could then have stowed away my purchases and had fewer bags to carry!


Tip #2 – Make room for tasters

There are so many different brands of snacks and treats to try, you don’t want to be feeling stuffed and missing out on the divine tastes of Pip & Nut butter, or Meridian’s new peanut butter and banana bars! Don’t however be cheeky and squirrel the tasters away in a carrier bag for later like one woman I saw did… if you’re going to do take-aways then at least buy them!


Tip #3 – Bring water

This kind of goes against tip number 1, but when you’ve tried your 5th juice and 100th energy bite you might just want a bit of plain old water. I took a 600ml bottle with me and am so glad I did. I still could have had more though!

Tip #4 – Pre-book classes and talks

Or turn up early! The classes and expert talks packed out really quickly but you can pre-book them for £2 (£1 plus a £1 booking fee) and print your tickets in advance. This is well worth doing if there’s something you know you definitely want to get to. I tried PiYo and really enjoyed it, and Madeleine Shaw’s talk was well worth pre-booking for too!


Tip #5 – Wear comfy shoes and light layers

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning. I only wore a tank and hoody but got really warm in the exhibition hall, and then because of already having too much to carry I didn’t want to take my hoody off! I’m glad I didn’t go with a jacket, which I had originally planned to.

Bonus tip!

Head over to the Cosmo Body stand where you can buy the latest copy of their mag, and a bag full of goodies, for just a fiver. Bargain. Top tip that one!

Must see #1 – Madeleine Shaw

I was lucky to get along to her talk, but she’s also on the Savse Smoothies stand for the weekend, and signing copies of her book, so make sure you get along to see her for some healthy eating and happy lifestyle inspiration. Madeleine encourages you to “be your own cheerleader” and “eat clean, think clean” with her new book Get The Glow.


Must see #2 – ZAAZEE Activewear

The Manchester based active clothing line for women has a stand filled with female-form-flattering fitness kit, and they’re offering 10% off when you post a #ZAAZEEselfie, so head to their stand, try on some kit and get snapping! Here I am in their gorgeous layered crop and tank. I picked up a pair of leggings which are so flattering with their cleverly cut panels.


Must see #3 – Reebok #breakyourselfie booth

As well as fitness classes in the Reebok Fitness Studio, Reebok also have a presence with their #breakyourselfie booth. After you’ve taken your best shots you can email, tweet or Facebook share them, as well as getting a print in seconds. Here’s Katie (editor of PT Magazine) and I doing our very best gun show!


Must see #4 – Activbod

Creators of body care products with recovery benefits for those of us who like to keep active, Activbod have a brilliant stand with all of their best bits for sale. They’re also running a plank competition to see who can hold the longest plank for a chance to win a year’s supply of their goodies. Get on over there and get planking!

Must see #5 – Flipbelt

If you haven’t seen them already then make sure you get down (or up – they’re on the balcony level!) to the Flipbelt stand… hell, even if you have seen them before go again – they have so many lovely colours! Flipbelt are creators of a revolutionary new running belt that, instead of a single pouch-like storage area, has a pocket running all the way around it with slits to access what you put inside. Wide enough to store a pretty hefty phone, yet discreet enough to sit under your tee or tank, it really is a handy piece of kit.


So there you have my top tips and must sees for the Be:Fit festival this weekend – did you go? What or who did you enjoy seeing there?

I was kindly given a press pass to Be:Fit London, thanks to Telegraph Events for having me. As always, opinions are my own. Non-square photos courtesy of Be:Fit London and Reebok UK!

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley


  1. 4th May 2015 / 6:10 pm

    Great tips! I had some similar ones (especially the water!) and I’m gutted that I didn’t get to see Madeleine Shaw. Interesting about the planking at Activbod. I spent over 10 mins talking to the girls there and they didn’t mention it! I think a lot of stands had competitions that had been mentioned on social but they weren’t as focussed on mentioning (or possibly too busy to remember!) on the day. I hope they do this again next year!

    • Georgina
      5th May 2015 / 4:55 pm

      Thanks Lesli. Oh no, I thought she was there the whole weekend. Sorry to have mislead you. Whoops, they must have just been too busy to remember! Or maybe space was an issue? We should arrange a meet up next year! And of course meet if we get the chance before then 🙂

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