Guest Recipe – FitterLondon's Mighty Manly English Breakfast Scotch Eggs

Guest Recipe – FitterLondon's Mighty Manly English Breakfast Scotch Eggs
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One of my all time favourite treats is a tasty scotch egg. Boiled egg, sausage meat, and a tasty crumb. What’s not to like? But with most varieties hosting a whole manner of unknown additives, they’re hardly a trusty treat when you’re watching what you eat.

This is where Fitter Food (aka Fitter London) come in. In fact, not only have they managed to come up with a healthier version of the trusty scotch egg, they’ve actually improved on it with a lovely runny yolk… mmmm.

Here is the Fitter Food recipe in all its eggy, meaty delight.

Matts Mighty Manly English Breakfast Scotch Eggs (for batch cooking):

We never get bored of scotch eggs and we love coming up with new creations so it was only a matter of time before we created an English breakfast version. Scotch eggs, when made our way, are nutritious, convenient and great any time of day. Be sure to give these a try. Cook in bulk to spread out across the week or freeze.

Scotch Eggs

Prep time: 12 mins

Cooking time: 35-40mins

Serves: makes 10 scotch eggs  


12 gluten free herby sausages (Ed: try these Cumberland Sausages from Fitcetera affiliate, MuscleFood)

8 rashers of streaky bacon chopped/cubed

100g mushrooms finely chopped

12 cherry tomatoes finely chopped

12 eggs (2 are for the coating)

100g grounds almonds

Pink salt and freshly ground black pepper


– Pre heat the oven to 180c.

– Fill a saucepan with water, one big enough to hold 12 eggs or use 2 smaller ones, and bring to the boil. Add the eggs and boil for 6 mins. Once done place them in cold water so they don’t cook any further.

– Remove skins from the sausages and place the sausage meat, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, salt and pepper into a large bowl and using your hands mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.

– Now peel your eggs and set aside.

– For the coating of the eggs sprinkle the ground almonds on a plate and season, then beat the 2 remaining eggs in a bowl.

– Now 1 by 1 shape the meat around your eggs ensuring there are no gaps or splits in the meat, then roll it in the beaten egg before rolling it in the ground almonds and coating it thoroughly.

– Place the scotch eggs on a grill tray and bake in the oven for 30-35 until the tops go nice and crispy.


Wet your hands when shaping the meat around the eggs as it makes them easier to handle and stops the meat sticking to your hands.

Enjoy and please share!

About Fitter Food

Fitter Food is the delicious sideline to Fitter London, developed by Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden, two personal trainers who were tired of treadmills, cross trainers, machines and the same old class timetable. With a combined experience spanning over 20 years training themselves and working in the industry they decided it was time for a change and wanted to bring some variety, innovation and spontaneity back to boring gym workouts and repetitive classes.


The aim of Fitter London is simple, to get people fitter, leaner and stronger than they have ever been with a unique approach to training  and an up for it atmosphere that will get you hooked!

Working hard behind the scenes, Matt and Keris launched their debut book “Fitter Food – A Lifelong Recipe For Health & Fat Loss”. Check it out for more awesome recipes!

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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