The Lean Mean Juicing Machine And The Lemon Ginger Zinger

The Lean Mean Juicing Machine And The Lemon Ginger Zinger
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I’ve always loved a good smoothie or glass of juice; refreshing, sweet and an easy way to get a vitamin and mineral boost without downing pills and potions. I’ve had food processor for a while that’s good enough to make smoothies with, but I’ve never made my own juice – instead relying on shop-bought ones that are often too sweet or filled with additives. So when Currys challenged me to come up with a recovery juice recipe after a workout at Virgin Active I was excited to try the juice maker.

Currys sent me the amazing and futuristic Philips HR1863 juicer, a 700w stainless steel contraption that turns even the hardiest of veg into a lovely, clear juice.


The Workout

With my life a blur of CrossFit and running, I decided on a Yoga class to compliment my strength training and flexibility goals. Virgin Active have a fantastic range of Yoga styles across their studios, and I opted for an Ashtanga Yoga class for its balance of powerful postures and deep stretches and twists.

The class was just what I needed with my back and legs singing at the stretches. I couldn’t wait to get home and have my juice to help my muscles recover.

The Juice

I chose a mixture of anti-inflammatory ingredients and those that would help promote tissue repair for my juice recipe, with a mix of carrot, apple, lemon, ginger and kale.


Carrot, along with the apple and kale, is a source of beta carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is an antioxidant which helps protect against free radicals in your body, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Kale also provides vitamins E, K and also copper and calcium to help with inflammation, blood clotting, and tissue and bone repair.

The vitamin C from the lemon and apple helps to produce collagen, the building blocks that the body uses to repair tissue. It also helps to protect against harmful substances in the body.

And ginger gives a whole range of vitamins and minerals to aid health and repair, including the B vitamins, vitamins C and E, and calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, as well as giving a nice zing to the juice.

The Recipe

3 carrots, whole

1 lemon, peeled

1 apple, whole

Handful of kale

1-1.5 cm of ginger, whole

Simply juice… and enjoy!


The Juicing Machine

When I first unpacked the Philips HR1863 I was a little confused as to why it had suckers on its feet. It was only when I turned the on switch that I realised this was to stop it moving around the work surface as the grater spins!

Chucking the fruit and vegetables in whole I was amazed at what easy work it made of the carrot, apple and ginger. The waste compartment allows for enough to make 2 litres of juice (depending on the fruit/veg you choose) and the jug itself is perfectly placed to catch all the lovely juice as it trickles out of the spout.

I would recommend getting an anti slip mat to go underneath the jug, as the vibrations from the machine sent it across my marble work surface so I had to hold it in place, but I’m sure with a mat underneath it would stay put.

Overall, the juicer is a fantastic addition to my kitchen appliances and I will be taking advantage of being able to try loads of different delicious juices at the flick of a switch.

To buy your own Philips juicer for just £79.99*, head to Currys website here. Or you can search their full range here.


* Price correct at time of publishing.

Thanks to Currys for letting me try this impressive piece of kit, and Virgin Active for the lovely Yoga class!

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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