Three Word Fitness Journey

Three Word Fitness Journey
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It’s that time of year. The time when New Year’s Resolutions are drawn up with the best intentions and dreams of a more fulfilling life, and then broken or forgotten mere weeks later. It’s the time when gyms gain 12% of their annual signups… of which only around 5% will continue to attend.

NY Resolutions

Resolutions get recycled over and over again…

But wait, exercise is the answer to all of our body bashing issues isn’t it? We’re going to lose two stone in 10 days and have glowing skin like those models on the flier. And we’ll wear crop tops and have perfectly coiffed hair with bright white smiles. After all, it’s easy. Right?


Exercise is HARD WORK. It makes you sweaty and red-faced. It’ll probably take you 20 minutes to recover from seeing your own reflection trying to hold the plank and another 20 to pull your clammy sports bra over your head.


So why should we bother? If it’s so hard, what’s the point?

I recently asked you, via Facebook and Twitter, to describe your “fitness journey” in three words. I wanted to get a real picture of what people who have been exercising for a while have experienced, and still do, to get to and maintain a fit lifestyle. The response was fantastic! There were motivational words of wisdom, there were remarks of frustration and anger and there were, well, some blatant business plugs. But most of all there was promise, hope and achievement.

Here are the most common words people used in their responses to me:


So in this time of New Year’s Resolutions and promises to make 2014 your fittest year yet, and in the face of a setback, just remember the words that these lovely people rallied together to give us and stick with it. After all, fitness is hard… but rewarding.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my #3WFJ request, please feel free to continue sending me your 3 Word Fitness Journeys, using the hashtag #3WFJ on Twitter or posting them to my Facebook page and maybe the picture will grow!

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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