CrossFit Girls on an Active Hen Night

CrossFit Girls on an Active Hen Night
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Look at any stag and hen party website and you’ll see the typical choice of activities for women – dance lessons, spa days, maybe a even a class on making your own frilly knickers. But there are so many more options out there than first meet the eye. For my hen party just over a year ago I had great fun life drawing and cocktail making, but if you’re after a more active hen night then Maximise have you covered.

I was invited to bring a team of girls along for an evening of active hen night games, with prizes up for grabs. I don’t often get to share my blog experiences with friends so jumped at the chance to put together a team made up of my friends and fellow CrossFit girls. I knew they’d be totally game for it and they proved me right from the word “go”!

The Megamix Games

The Snatch Sisters

Kelly, Jo, Kerry, Tina and Anita joined me as team captain to take on the other teams. The first challenge? To come up with a team name. We wanted something that identified us as CrossFitters, and “snatch” was the obvious choice. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of alliteration? So, Snatch Sisters it was.

When I told Elle, of Keep It SimpElle, that I was bringing my CrossFit friends she said “sounds like you’re gonna be taking it seriously?” I told her we just were going in for the fun of it, but when we started playing the first game our competitive nature took over, well… we are CrossFitters!

The Games

The variety of games we played was huge and definitely included something for everyone. The old school sports day games really got the teamwork started with three-legged races, accumulating team relays, the “getting dressed” race and more. These were probably my favourite of the evening with laughter flowing all round.

We also tried our hand at hula hooping, bubble football (which I was nervous about but actually loved), disco dodgeball and beer-goggle football. All of the Maximise team were brilliant at getting the teams psyched up and coming up with twists on the games to keep them fun and different. The two hours from when we started absolutely flew by and we had smiles plastered on our faces the entire evening.

Activity Quick-Fire Summary

Activity One: Old School Sports Day Games

What is it? A retro revival of old school sports day classics, including egg and spoon, three-legged race and the sack race.

Objective: To score as many points as you can across the various games.

Active Hen Night School Sports Day

Sitting down like the obedient children we are!

Activity Two: Bubble Football

What is it? Encased in a large body zorb players roll, bounce and bump their way through a simplified football game.

Objective: To score as many goals against the opposite team as possible.

Active Hen Night Zorb Football

Bubble football mayhem

Activity Three: Hula Hens

What is it? A multitude of different hula-hooping challenges from being able to sit down while hula hooping to being able to run and keep the hoop spinning.

Objective:  To complete a variety of challenges while hula hooping

Active Hen Night Hula Hooping

Some hip-thrusting hula-hooping

Activity Four: Disco Dodgeball

What is it? Disco tunes and dodgeball come together in this unique mash-up. Players dance their way out of trouble to a soundtrack of tunes from across the decades.

Objective: To dodge balls hurled by opposing teams 

Active Hen Night Disco Dodgeball

Grabbing life by the balls…

Activity five: Binocular football

What is it? In this twisted version of football, players attempt a variety of ball skills while wearing googles which make the ball appear either 10x closer or 10x further away.

Objective: To complete a variety of challenges in the quickest time

Active Hen Night Goggle Football

The crazy beer goggles

The Results

What helped the smiles was the fact that we seemed to be on a bit of a winning streak. We earned first place in bubble football, disco dodgeball, goggle football and old school sports day… the only game we didn’t win was the hula hooping, despite a couple of the girls being naturals!

I can’t help but think that CrossFit was a massive driver in us winning the evening – after all, CrossFit embodies “general physical preparedness”. That is, to be physically prepared for any challenge thrown at you! This is explained a little more in my post exploring whether CrossFit can make you a better runner.

Anyway, we collected our prize, including a brilliant team trophy, and celebrated with some delicious healthy salads from the 100 Islington Restaurant, of course all washed down with our bottle of Prosecco. Who said CrossFitters can’t enjoy a drink or two?!

Maximise Active Hen Night


Book an Active Hen Night

If you’re planning a hen party and fancy taking on some of the activities we tried with your friends then check out Maximise’s Megamix Triple Combo, where you can choose your own combination of games. I’d definitely recommend trying something you wouldn’t normally go for as it was these activities that I enjoyed the most!

Thanks to team Snatch Sisters for being an awesome team, and to Maximise for putting on such a fun event.

Maximise Active Hen Night

Team Snatch Sisters

Disclaimer: I was invited to bring a team to participate in the Maximise Blogger Games free of charge. As always, my opinion is my own and not affected by items or services gifted to me. To find out more about my policy on this and other matters, see my Disclosure page. Photos courtesy of Maximise.

Georgina Spenceley
Georgina Spenceley

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